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Off to Try and Teach Lauren to Bowl…Again!

I posted Saturday night about our trip to the bowling alley with Lauren. Which was suppose to be a warm up for the bowling league she starts tomorrow. Lauren used to be able to bowl about 100 per game, give or take, Saturday night, she had problems even getting to break 40 points per game. Heck, Lauren didn’t even know how to correctly carry or throw the ball. I assume all her recent seizures, even though they are not epileptic, had something to do with that.

My oldest daughter, Becky, used to bowl on a league so Becky, and I are taking Lauren bowling this afternoon after Kaden is picked up. I am hoping that Becky can give Lauren some awesome tips and help her get her groove back as far as bowling is concerned.

If Lauren doesn’t get back the swing of things where bowling is concerned, I am going to have to see if she still can participate in the bowling league. I hate to not let her join, after I had already promised, yet, she’s going to be doing singles as well as team bowling. UGH!

OK, later,