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Manic Monday Became Boring Tuesday

Hello World! Hope everyone is well and in good graces as I write this blog tonight. Yesterday was such a hectic day, that I couldn’t even find time to blog. Basically anything that could go wrong did, short of an ambulance or fire and rescue being called out to the house.

Remember in a previous post, I mentioned that I babysit Kade 3 times per week while his Mom attends college. Kade is a 2 year old handful, who calls me “his Maw maw”. His smart as a whip and very head strong. His parents have been trying to potty train him. Last week he did fine with me, had no accidents, boy did yesterday ever take a turn for the worse in that department.

Kade messed his clothes, I got him bathed, mess cleaned up, and his snack given. I was busy working, when he had again had an accident in his clothes, stop everything and repeat the process. I don’t fuss at him over this, he’s still basically a baby and fussing him will only make matters worse. Yes he was given another snack to take his mind off of the situation. By this time, I am already exhausted.

The whole time I am trying to homeschool Lauren, who was on task until about this moment in my life. I asked her to go into the bathroom to make sure I had everything tidy from Kade’s 2nd bath of the day, while I started the dishes. I never really paid no mind to how long Lauren was in the bathroom except when I heard her scream “Momma”.

I rounded the corner of the bathroom door to find her attempting to bathe the kitten in a bathtub full of water. Now where that came from I have no clue, in fact, we had the discussion about 37 times on why we don’t bath the kittens/cats in the bathtub. Sure enough the kitten was flying over Lauren’s shoulder, claws all extended hissing the whole way. Now on this one, I had to fuss at Lauren, the kitten could had really hurt Lauren and she knew better.

Well upon me fussing at Lauren, that was basically the end of her attention span and the homeschooling lessons was over for the day, I could never get her back on task again.  Now since she was off task, I felt that “making” her do her lessons was not going to be productive at all, so she volunteered to clean her room…..YES I said VOLUNTEERED!

We sorted through lots of her school supplies and homeschooling books and she put away her folded clothes. She even passed the vaccumm in her bedroom and the hallway, so her not being on task with the school work wasn’t a fiasco after all, since she did get something accomplished.

Lauren asked to go with her sister Becky last night to sleep at her house. I said yes, sent homeschooling work and she has asked to stay again tonight. So we are at day 1 1/2 of no Lauren here to drive me batty.

Today I was able to get 4 loads of clothes done and hung up to dry, the kitchen counters and stove wiped down and cleaned, 1/2 of my bedroom cleaned (I was on the floor using the hose to clean the corners of the bedroom), cleaned out one of Lauren’s closets to donate to an upcoming garage sale, and took a load of boxes to the storage unit to get it out of here.

BUT all of this said, I have enjoyed my time away from Lauren, it’s a lot less hectic around here without her, but at the same time I miss her…..With the PTSD Lauren tends to be very clingy towards me and other pertinent adults in her life and is hesitant to leave me, even if it is to go with her sister, so I guess I need to quit whining and enjoy my quiet time.

Now I sleep, tomorrow I awake, then repeat the process hopefully on the other side of my bedroom.

PTSD in my teen daugther

Hello world! Yes this will be the second post for me today, wooohooo! LOL! When I use to hear the term PTSD I thought of military returning from overseas. My hearts went out to the soldiers.

PTSD is now an intricate part of my daily life. In January 2011, my youngest child, Lauren was in the public school system. She was at the junior high school. I was called and told that Lauren was presented with a knife at the school bus, but the situation would be handled in the morning.

Turns out the knife was “presented” to her at morning recess, which is 1030. It was also held to her neck, by a male friend (we will call him Bob) of hers. Bob threatened to kill Lauren, when her friend (Sue)  freaked out, he put Lauren down and did the same thing to Sue.

Lauren literally freaked out, for three weeks she did nothing but cry and not sleep. As a parent this was devastating. Eventually I was able to find a counseling clinic and she was diagnosed as PTSD, but she continued to attend the same school. Bob was sent to an alternative school for disciplinary problems.

Lauren was told that the school was secure from Bob, she was safe there, so she had no problem continuing on at that school. The school administration was less than helpful dealing with her PTSD, but she was fine. In June 2011, Lauren seeing a psychiatrist at another clinic, where meds were started and she was also diagnosed as anxiety, depression, and OCD, all stemming back to the knife incident.

In January of 2012, Lauren and Sue were sitting on the school bus after they returned from vo-tech for the day. Lauren said she heard Bob. Sue said that Lauren was being silly, for her to stop. Bob walked by the bus, flipped her the bird, and kept walking. Lauren lost it completely, came home crying again!

It seems that the Bob’s bus broke down on his way from the alternative school going home. Instead of the school calling me and telling me that this was happening, they choose not to. Instead, I was left with a child who cried constantly. I went back to the school admin, who says “Bob has the right to have a ride home from”.

At this point, I started homebound with Lauren supplementing with homeschooling work and activities. Lauren was able to do her schooling, attend dr appts, and was coming around, for the most part. She was still having bouts of screaming out in the night, banging her head on the walls out of anger. For awhile there it had gotten bad.

In May, the counselors, psychiatrist, family dr and I agreed that being back in school was the best thing for her since she has full time counselors at school plus her friends, which homeschooling her, the socialization was at a minimum, Lauren started back at the high school across the road from us in August 2012. At first I found myself hold my breath, waiting to exhale. Lauren and Sue had the same schedule, but Bob had different class schedules so they only crossed paths for 20 minutes during lunch. The lunchroom was full of admins watching Bob so he doesn’t attempt to hurt Lauren .

About a month ago Lauren started having terrible seizures, first one was at school. Then another, then a third. She was taken to the local emergency room, with no positive findings or results. Lauren also started having episodes of non-responsiveness at home. One morning, I couldn’t wake Lauren up out of the bed, that night, she had to be pulled out of the tub because she was again non-responsive and stiff as a board.

We were sent to the neurology clinic at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans where a 24 hour sleep study was done. The neurologist who read the results, not her dr, said that these seizures and episodes of non-responsiveness were not a form of epilepsy. They were in fact, PTSD related. Seems the neurologist thinks, that seeing Bob was more than Lauren’s mind could handle. Dr said that since she only actively seizes at school, she’s afraid that one of these seizures will be massive and Lauren will fall, hit her head, then we will have a traumatic brain injury to deal with on top of everything else. SO Lauren is back into homeschooling again. This time is not going as smooth as the first round. Lauren has regressed in several areas of learning, tends to be more stubborn to do lessons, and just all around being hard to deal with.

She’s homebound, which she will meet that teacher 2x per week at the library in the front of the school, then again, I will supplement the lessons that the school is sending home.

OK there’s the reason why we are a PTSD family, unfortunately, it’s PTSD in a child who’s only desire is to be across the street at school, with her friends, her favorite teachers, yet her we sit!

Thanks for the read, I hope to be back later,