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Worse News Came Down Wednesday!

Good morning, well almost good afternoon here in sunny, HOT, southeast Louisiana. I hope everyone is having an excellent Friday and has lots of plans for the weekend to come.

Wednesday, my grand daughter, Kristie, had an appointment w/ her neurosurgeon in New Orleans. It was the get the results from recent MRI to see if the spinal fluid is backing up into her neck. After all the prayers we had with us, I was sure hoping the results of the MRI was going to be more welcomed results than they were.

Unfortunately, the MRI results were not what we were expecting. Her chiari malformation has severely blocked her fluid flow, so surgery is our only option. Aubrie’s symptom of choking on nothing, has also only gotten worse, so Dr said to monitor her 24/7 to make sure she doesn’t choke. He was really an advocate for the surgery, he feels one of these times she will choke, and we, as her parents and grandparents, won’t be able to help her pull out of it.

So her surgery has been scheduled for 8/22, we have to be at the Oschner’s Hospital in New Orleans for 5 AM, surgery is set for 7.

I am babysitting and cooking lunch, I will post more in a few, I am also reading/liking/commenting on the blogs I follow.


How’s Your Tuesday going?

Hello World! Greetings for the swamps of Southeast Louisiana. How’s your Tuesday going? I hope this post greets you in the best of health and spirits. Today started off bad, I had my GYN appointment, which was very painful on many levels, but that’s behind me now.

My hysterectomy is scheduled for 6/5. I am trying to get everything done and ready to go for me to be down for about two weeks. I am hoping that my granddaughter’s Chiari brain surgery can wait at least til I have recovered enough to go to the hospital to stay the length of her hospital stay. Kristie will see the neurosurgeon on 6/3, so we will know from there, when the surgery will be and what we should expect.

Lauren has another art class at the library tonite, so I am sitting outside on the deck, typing this blog. Again, weather is nice and warm, light breeze blowing, sun is going down and no mosquitoes are out, so yea at this moment life is good today.

Dinner will be either egg or grilled cheese sandwiches, depending on what Lauren wants when we get home. I usually throw something into the crockpot on days when I know I won’t be home most of the day, but the day started off late, since Lauren and I both overslept, so we had to dress, eat breakfast and out the door we went for me to make my doctor’s  appointment.

I am not a Mom to swear off processed foods for my child, although I do monitor the amount she has because so of those additives in the processed foods have been known to cause allergies and with her mental state, I don’t need any other problems. So, 90% of what is fixed in my house is fresh or at least out of a box. I tend to stay away from those tv dinners. Not only due to the additives, but with Lauren growing so much, so fast, it would take at least two of the smaller dinners to fill her up.

Ok, I guess that’s about it for this babbling session,
I hope everyone has a great evening,


My Day Thursday..Went from Bad to H#$L PART 2

Hello World, Reba here again. Yep, as promised I am back to write about my day Thursday, which was just terrible on so many levels, even though, it started off like any other normal day, in pain, but I was moving getting household chores done.

In the last blog post, I had just left the pain management appt for myself, I walked out of the clinic when the phone call came in. My vehicle transmission had gone out, completely. The minimum to get the transmission fixed, at minimum, is 350.00 plus labor and the cost of fluids.

Yep, with that news, I was just outdone. First my pain is over the top, then some, now the only vehicle my family owns has bit the dust. I questioned myself, as to what else could go wrong, eventually I will learn not to ask that question.

My oldest daughter, Becky, took her daughter, Kristie, to New Orleans to have an MRI done. Kristie has been having some pretty massive migranes. I couldn’t cancel my pain management appoinment, we are in groups, and to miss an appoinment, I wouldn’t get seen for another 6 months. Becky didn’t want to have to wait for Kristie’s MRI, so, against my better judgment we decided to go our separate ways and conquer both appoinments. I never miss New Orleans appointments. I hardly ever miss local appointments unless I am stay home to babysit Kristie. Again, separating and attending both appointments was against my better judgment, but it must be done. I knew what my doctor’s appointment held in store for me and I thought that Kristie’s appointment was going to be a diagnosis of migraines, meds would be prescribed, and that would be the end of the appointment. BOY was I ever wrong.

My pain management appointment ended, the call about the transmission came in, then Becky called. In her voice, I can hear where she was fighting back tears, my heart sank. I feared that they had been in a car accident, millions of things went through my mind, but the words that came out of her mouth next, my heart sunk; Literally!

The next words out of her mouth will ring in my head forever, “Mom, Kristie has something called Chiari malformation, it’s a birth defect, and she needs brain surgery.” I had to make her repeat herself again. I just knew that I didn’t hear my grandbaby was going to be needing brain surgery, I was wrong, I did hear her right.

In my head I was thinking, birth defect? Kristie will be 5 years old in June, how is it we are just finding out about a birth defect? And what the heck is the Chiari malformation? And what is this brain surgery going to involve? And why is it my grandchild? Oh I had a million of questions going through my mind. Questions that we had no answers to because Becky was so stunned with the diagnosis, she was speechless when she was with the neurologist. I am not sure that I would have been any less speechless.

So once Becky and I were able to be face to face, I learned that Chairi malformation is a birth defect that is a bone at the base of Kristie’s skull. The bone in question is about 3 inches longer than what it needs to be. Oh and that’s not the worse of this whole darn (at this point I don’t mean darn) fiasco, the neurosurgeon will not be removing the bone from her head, but they will be making room in Kristie’s skull for the bone.

Becky is still in shock over the diagnosis, but she has started doing a little research here and there, my son in law is just outdone. I am trying to find out as much as possible. Using a social media network, I have found several post op moms of kids with Chiari, they are helping me with what I don’t know, what I need to know, what I need to do research on, what the symptoms are, what’s the best area hospitals w/ the best neurosurgeons. The list of what I don’t know is still very long, I am figuring I will never know everything there is to know about Chiari malformation, but I do hope to be at very least an informed Maw Maw, when it comes time for Kristie’s Neurosurgeon appointment.

I am praying that the diagnosis is wrong and is all a big mistake, but I am still going to be prepared in case.

Thanks for letting me rant,

Good Afternoon, How’s Things in Your Neck of the Woods?

Hello World, Reba here again! How’s life in your neck of the woods? Here in southeast Louisiana, we are at 80 degrees, humidity is low, a nice breeze blowing, sun out, yep, you guessed it life is good today!

Lauren likes to come to the library on Wednesdays to play the Wii sport games, so she’s inside playing, I am outside typing to ya’ll. Lauren needs a lot of socialization, this Wii sports thing is free; Free is good!

 I am pretty proud of myself, I was was able to get the internet wifi onto the laptop and downloaded spotify onto the iphone, so just jamming away, quietly of course! Yep, I am not technically inclined at all, thus the reason I have four children…LOL!

Gotta get my sun in as much as I can now, before I go to surgery. Yea surgery is a whole other topic, I get to that later, without many gory details.

While we on the topic of afternoon, what’s for suppa at your house? We are having breakfast for suppa. Yep, you guessed it, scrambled eggs, bacon, and biscuits. The bacon has been in there for about a month now, so it needs to be eaten and I am just lazy today!

Well, I wish ya’ll a great day, I will be back later,

Thanks to Fibromyalgia, I Spent this Gorgeous Sunday In Bed

I am sure by now, everyone has head of fibromyalgia. In case you haven’t, fibromyalgia is a muscle disorder that causes deep pain in the muscles of the body, both at the joints and not. The pain of fibro can not be described by one word, even one sentence, other than “this crap hurts”.

For me, fibro presents me with daily pain issues, ranging from spasms to just down right pain. I do take meds daily to help out with the pain, but as with everything else in life, it works most of the time. I have also been diagnosed recently with chronic pain syndrome, which is self-explanatory, and arthritis of my right knee and left shoulder.
I see my family dr tomorrow, as I already have my 6 month dr appt scheduled, which after today, is  a very good thing.

I did like a bunch of your blog posts, I am working on more of those now, I hope to be all caught up by the end of the week or so. Please be patient with me!


Happy Sunday Morning Everyone….

Hello World. I hope the weather is sunny and bright where ever you are, and if you had the May snow, that it has all melted so everyone can start enjoying spring. Being in southeast Louisiana, we didn’t get any snow, but we were in the mid 40’s, Thursday and Friday nights. Yep, only in southeast Louisiana can you wear shorts at Christmas and winter coats in May. I kid you not! 🙂

I been very busy w/ children, running a small business out of my home, dr appointments, homeschooling, and just life in general. I kept saying that I would get back here and write, to get back in touch with everyone, but time, or energy, never allowed such. I hope, to be back here permanently, but the for moment, I am here now.

I missed everyone so much, reading all of your thoughts, ideas, life’s challenges, and just everything that ya’ll had to share. I am going to go into my reader and start working my way back thru the blogs and liking your writings/photos.

I will get back later on today, to share photos, and more of our mishaps, I promise, life here is not boring!

Thanks for the read my peeps,

I Was Meant to Be an Only Child….

Hello World again. As always I hope my blog finds you in great health and spirits. I was born mid March of 1965. I was my Paw Paw’s late birthday present as his birthday was just 3 days earlier. I was the first born of the first born child, so in my mind, that presented me with some sort of status symbol. I was the first child, first grandchild, and first niece, all the way around. Yea I was special….LOL!

I was always a Daddy’s girl. If my Daddy wasn’t around I was with my Maw maw and Paw paw as they were the babysitter while my parents worked. My Maw maw made my dresses, blankets, baby doll clothes, etc. Yea, I was slightly spoiled. About 18 months later, a cousin was born, then 18 months another cousin was born, but they weren’t my siblings so in my mind, my status in life was still secure.

I remember telling my parents I didn’t want a brother or sister, they were my Mommie and Daddy and of course, I had no intentions of sharing either of them with anyone. Oh we had a german Shepard and a cat, that was cool with me. When something got broke, I was quick to blame the animals. Yea I was a sneaky child.

When I was 5, my Mommy’s belly started getting bigger, the conversation of a new baby became more and more frequent. I kept denying the need for me to have a sibling, I mean, what was the purpose? I saw none.

Well, much to my dismay, when I was 5 1/2 years old, my Mom delivered a baby, I was praying for another kitten, but no such luck. This child was a boy baby. He was smelly, loud, and ate all the time, plus took my parents from me. The older he got, the more he got into. I was determined this child had to go. Plan B was put into play. Plan A was to never have the child in the first place.

When the baby boy was about 18 months or so, Mom had a garage sale. I watched and observed about how this process worked. I figured out that you price an item, people pay cash for the item, and they take the item home. Genius I swear. So me, in all my infinite wisdom, decided if this process was working for household items and garage sale wares, naturally it would work for selling off the child.

Back then 40 something years ago, there were no fancy pre-priced garage sale tags, so everything was done with a masking tape and marker. So away I went. I started out pricing him high. I mean if he sold, it was my money, remember this was my idea. After a few, I had no takers, so I reduced the price. I mean, I wouldn’t pay a .75 cents for him either. Next he was marked down to .50 cents. I also figured out that he had to be still for people to see that he was for sale, so I let him play with some of my toys. Still no takers, I was disappointed, but determined.

So after a fair amount of time had passed, at least in my 7 year old mind, I reduced the child to .25 cents. Mom was busy with the garage sale, so she didn’t see any of my business dealings in play, thankfully. We were being watched by our maid and my Maw Maw.

So, when .25 didn’t work, I marked him down for free. Made sure he sat still in the area of the garage sale items and just had high hopes. Finally a customer passed, saw the free thing, and made comment to Mom about her ingenious selling techniques of selling off the child. Mom, being confused, looked at the child’s forehead, and then at me. I knew I was in trouble. Needless to say, I felt the wrath of her choice of discipline. Even being disciplined, I was not giving up hope. About 9 months later, at Christmas time, my parents bought me a wooden playhouse. Nice wooden, sturdy, heavy playhouse. It was painted barn red with white trim. It had a double open door and windows on either side. The windows locked on the inside, the doors were padlocked shut so no one stole my goodies. After I got over the joy of having such an awesome playhouse, I was informed by the parents that I was to share the playhouse with the boy child. Thus my new plan or ridding myself of the annoying boy child was put into play. Remember I was not fond of sharing my toys or anything else with this child so it was important that this plan succeed.

The boy child and I were playing outside one afternoon, he was about 2 1/2-3 years old at this time. Yea you can figure out where this is going, but in case you can’t, I will fill in the blanks. After playing that particular afternoon, I made sure to lock up the playhouse windows, then padlocked the door and went on inside. Mom asked “where’s your brother?” I answered her with a I dunno sort of question. I was told “get out there and look for that child”.

So I did, I went outside looked and didn’t see him, she didn’t say listen for him screaming from inside of the playhouse. I was doing as I was told. I went inside and told her, “I don’t see him”.

Mom, frantically, went outside and heard the boy child screaming from inside the playhouse. She undone the padlock and he was set free. Again, I felt the warth of Mom’s choice of disciplinary actions. I am sure you see a pattern forming here, but I was not going to be deterred.

By the time he was 4, he was really, really annoying. He was into my toys and not told no by the parents, my heart was broken, I mean he was touching my Barbie’s and Barbie stuff….he just had to go. So Plan C was put into play, yea I was a thinker back then too.

One afternoon, after school, I think the boy child was about 4 1/2 or 5. I came in from my school day to find the child riding on my Barbie camper. The camper back then was about as tall as a full sized Barbie doll. Really nice. OH I was hot. This was unacceptable, if not to the parents, at least to me. Same thing happened the following day after school. I knew nothing was going to be done, so it was up to me.

I had a 1/2 of a poster and borrowed my Dad’s permanent markers, you know the markers we had before Sharpies. The big, thick black ones. On the poster, I marked, “Kid brother Free”. I wasn’t swift enough to be able to cut a board to stake this at the road, so in all my infamous, 10 year old wisdom, I removed the plant out of Mom’s flower pot, then the dirt, and dragged that heavy thing to the road. Onto the pot, I taped the sign. I just knew this one was going to work.

Well, Dad came home, saw the sign, called me outside, helped me re-pot the plant and said “Never do this again and don’t tell your Mom!” I was fine w/ not telling Mom, I knew the wrath of her discipline was going to be strong, but I was disappointed. I mean, this was a great plan. Darn.

Plan D….not long after plan C failed, the boy child was still in my Barbie stuff, I didn’t dare hit the boy child, remember the wrath is at play here and since he was always squalling, I knew I would get into trouble. He would had been about 6-ish, he was in kindergarten or the first grade. That made me in about the 5th-6th grade. School work had become more challenging and I remember having to write a paper. I can’t remember the paper’s theme, but it had something to do with “if you can have anything you want, what would it be”. Well, if opportunity knocks, far be it for me not to take it.

I wanted to be an only child. The boy child was becoming more annoying as he aged, he was still stinking, except after baths, he was eating more foods, and he was just spoiled. So, my paper was about my desire to be an only child. Can you see where this is going? I ended up writing a 2 page paper, made an A on that bad girl, I was so proud. Back then, parents had to sign our weekly test grades. I thought for sure Mom was going to be just so proud of my A, Dad saw humor, Mom didn’t. Again, the wrath of her form of discipline was felt, like badly, if I remember correctly. Yep, I was as determined and as hard headed then as I am now.

When the boy child was about 8ish,I was about 13 1/2 years old,  my parents presented us with a two seater go cart. Of course, the boy child legs were too short to be able to reach the petals which meant that I was the only driver. Go carts back then were a metal frame, really close to the ground. We each had a helmet, so me causing him any brain damage was out of the question.  At first, we rode in the lot behind the house, while I got the feel of the ride. Across the road was a huge piece of virgin property, there was at least 3 acres there. Other neighborhood kids had motorbikes and go carts, so after me begging enough, the parents allowed us to go across the road to be with the other children.

And then comes along Plan E,  I knew that this plan would be the one to work. I mean in my mind it had to work. I was meant to be an only child and I was going to be just that. Now mastering of handle the go cart was handled by me and fast, the opportunity was knocking. That go cart would cruise around those corners and the boy child would just flip off, leave him and keep on driving.


The first time I was able to get away with this being an accident, 2nd time, I blamed he wasn’t holding on. Eventually the female parent figured out a pattern and knew what I was up to. Yes, once again, the wrath of Mom came down on me hard and I never did that again, but I didn’t give up, by no means. I just had to have the chance to ponder on this situation. Well my final attempt was going to be epic.
The boy child loved the garbage truck, since he was little, I mean like 2ish.You know, that big nasty truck that comes down the street, picking up all of the smelly stuff. The boy child had an odor already. He would sit in the driveway and wait on that truck to come by every Monday and Thursday. It was the highlight of his week. The garbage men would even let him help dispose of our trash into the truck. That boy child was just so excited. For several of his Christmas presents, he even requested a garbage can for his presents. Of course, the garbage cans had to be the metal ones, this is 40 years ago, long before the plastic cans. Something about hearing the metal of the garbage can lids hit the ground just did his heart good. Eventually the boy child did grow up, but he never gave up his love of the garbage truck. As he aged, the garbage men would let him go around the neighborhood helping with the other garbage cans. Opportunity presented itself one last time. While out on his bi-weekly garbage runs, I had the idea we should move or just not be home, hoping one of the garbage men would just take the boy child home as their own. Again, I thought it was the best idea of the century, I mean, I would finally be an only child and he would be with a good family, but before I could ever convince the parents that this was a wonderful idea, I once again, felt the wrath, yep you guessed it, of the female parent.
At that point, I gave up on trying to get rid of the boy child and decided to just keep him. I never stopped feeling the wrath of the female parent until I was about 21 years old, but at least I wasn’t feeling the wrath due to my inability to become an only child.
After my last attempt to become an only child, I became a protector of the boy child by defending him against bullies and the such. I cared for him after school, while the female parent worked, as well as tried to keep him on this side of the female parent’s wrath.
What the wrath was, from the female parent, and why I was always feeling it throughout my life, will be discussed in another article. Oh by the way, the boy child is now 43 1/2 years old, running his own business, and bigger than me, so I would no way attempt this feat today. Besides, after all this time, I have become sort of attached to the boy child! LOL!

My Neighbors Who Musta Been Raised By Wolves

Ok, first off I want y’all to know that I have been a very patient neighbor throughout this whole apartment life. I have never lived in an apartment, but after the separation from my husband, Lauren and I needed someplace to live.

We pay 625 per month, for a 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment. This amount is the cheapest we can find around here, as we are local to a university. This apartment complex here has about 80 apartments and a swimming pool. This is not what is considered “the hood” although it does have several questionable families living here and police are here about once a week.

 We moved in January 2012, upstairs moved in April of 2012. It’s the young parents and two young children under the age of 4. From the get go those children were noisy, never walking anywhere, always running everywhere. Running in the day is fine, but to try and sleep while hearing the sound of little feet pattering at midnight is something different. This went on for about a week, then I had to go to the office and request that the children be put to bed by a certain time, as Lauren with PTSD all that excessive noise while trying to sleep or sleeping is terrible, Lauren was screaming all night long.

The office told the parents the children must be in bed by 9 am, since the children’s bedroom is right above Lauren’s bedroom. That lasted about 2 weeks, then they were running half of the night again. So, again, put in a call to the office and they were warned a second time.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe a person should be able to do whatever they want to inside of the four walls of their home, but when the activities that are going on inside their four walls, effects live inside of my four walls, then I have an issue. I never once complained about the running during the day, I just crank up the television.

So eventually, the kids were put to bed by 930 and I was cool with that. Lauren takes her sleeps medicine now, so for the most part, she’s out cold anyway til at least like 330 or 4AM, which these kids run at that hour as well, yep, no adult supervision.

Then this dog shows up. Some little black chiwawee male dog. Every morning about 7 AM the dog was put outside onto the back patio. That was fine with me, but the poor dog whined and barked all day long til he was brought back in at 6 or 7PM, yep you guessed it we were listening to children run constantly along with a yapping, whining dog all day, 7 days a week.

Eventually we had enough of the dog and I had to go report the dog to the office. I am not the only neighbor who complained so, the parents was told to remove the dog from the premises. Again, I am all for a child having a pet, but what kind of a life did that dog have outside, in 100 degree weather in the days deep in the summer of southeast Louisiana. Not to mention, our life was going bad fast with us having no control.

About six weeks ago, the dad upstairs moved his sister and her two children into the apartment. SO there are now 4 children under the age of 4 upstairs running constantly. Jumping off of the beds, hitting the walls, you name it, they were doing it. Oh wait, the sister didn’t “move in”, she was staying there, which yes, there is a difference. The difference being that if she was just staying there, she didn’t have to adhere to the background check which would reveal the open warrant out for her arrest.

Yes, this whole story does get better, or worse, depending on how you view this whole situation. I have best friends who think that this is some funny stuff, others are sick to the stomach. I guess they think it’s funny since they are not the ones living through this horrible event.

About two weeks ago, I had to wash blankets. Under my patio, I have a metal pole to hang my clothes on. Well, naturally I had hung the blankets out there to air dry. I have to use the local wash room here for all my washing and drying needs, so if I can let items air dry I can.

Lauren happened to be passing by the patio door, while my clothes were hanging outside, and there’s water dripping from what Lauren thought was the roof and she thought was rain. So I ran outside to find the sister scrubbing her patio from a friend’s dog they had visit over the weekend. SO not only was my blankets wet AGAIN, they were now full of dog feces. Oh how mad was I?

Friday night I couldn’t sleep, it was about 1130 pm. I was lying in my bed, playing on my phone when all of a sudden I heard water dripping. I ran into the hallway and my bathroom was flooded, water was just pouring out of the ceiling. I hurriedly called upstairs 3 times, no answer, so I called from my house phone and the sister answered. I asked her what had happened and she said “we are cleaning the mess!” then hung up the phone.

I texted the wife and asked basically, glad you are cleaning your mess, but who’s cleaning this one, as this is the second time your tub overflowing has created a mess in my house. Yep you heard me, about six months ago, 2 small children were left in the tub with water running and my bathroom flooded. At this point on Friday night I was livid.

The water took out the whole bathroom, all my dried towels from the water gushing, both cat boxes, the bed sheets and blankets I had folded in the top of Lauren’s bedroom closet, the other closet in her room had homeschooling books she’s not ready to use yet, the kitchen floor was flooded and I got no help from them what so ever. They didn’t come carry wet clothes to the washer, didn’t come help mop, nothing, not to mention the 25.00 I was out for doing all the wet laundry.

I worked on that fiasco all weekend long. Monday morning I went to the office. The office said that the couple was being told to come down here to settle up with me. I am out of the over the toilet bath rack because it’s wooden and now warped and mildewed. I am out cleaning supplies, laundry detergent and fabric softener, the monies it took to clean the clothes and my efforts.

I am yet to see upstairs face to face, the wife saw my grandbaby come around the corner yesterday and the woman took off running upstairs. Office has said that they will replace all ceiling tiles, the carpet, have the rest of the carpet professionally shampooed, and send out mold experts to inspect, but the owner was quick to remind me that he’s out a lot of money as well. I almost said “well you have 80 apartments to make your money, I am on limited income here”, but I decided to keep my mouth shut.

Yes people, this is how I spent my birthday weekend, cleaning up a mess created by the family who was raised by wolves,

So Much for Spring Cleaning…..

Just when I think I am on a roll and making progress, things went all wrong. I went to the deep freeze to take out something for dinner, when I realized that the freezer was thawing. I was completely out done. Upon digging into the freezer, I realized that only the top half of the freezer had thawed.

SO, ditched the spring cleaning plan and started cooking the meat that had thawed. Made me sick at the thoughts, I had just put most of the meat into the freezer over the past week or so. Tonight’s dinner meal was smothered pork steaks, fish sticks, corn on the cob, and a beef rice as a side dish. Oh also had a cucumber salad and I had served boiled eggs, that were getting to be outdated, I hate to waste.

Tomorrow’s lunch, will be fish sticks with a frozen veggie of sort that thawed and some sort of side dish. Tomorrow’s dinner will be, again pork chops, just cooked a different way. My oldest daughter, Becky, just so happened to show up, as I was going through the freezer, so she took all the pork stew meat home with her and smothered that down to be put back into the freezer.

After all is said and done, after I cleaned, cooked, and cleaned again, I am exhausted and ready for bed. I wanted to put out some quality blogs today, BUT there went that idea huh, but luckily I did go open the freezer when I did.

I hope everyone has a great evening, see y’all in the morning,