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So Much for Spring Cleaning…..

Just when I think I am on a roll and making progress, things went all wrong. I went to the deep freeze to take out something for dinner, when I realized that the freezer was thawing. I was completely out done. Upon digging into the freezer, I realized that only the top half of the freezer had thawed.

SO, ditched the spring cleaning plan and started cooking the meat that had thawed. Made me sick at the thoughts, I had just put most of the meat into the freezer over the past week or so. Tonight’s dinner meal was smothered pork steaks, fish sticks, corn on the cob, and a beef rice as a side dish. Oh also had a cucumber salad and I had served boiled eggs, that were getting to be outdated, I hate to waste.

Tomorrow’s lunch, will be fish sticks with a frozen veggie of sort that thawed and some sort of side dish. Tomorrow’s dinner will be, again pork chops, just cooked a different way. My oldest daughter, Becky, just so happened to show up, as I was going through the freezer, so she took all the pork stew meat home with her and smothered that down to be put back into the freezer.

After all is said and done, after I cleaned, cooked, and cleaned again, I am exhausted and ready for bed. I wanted to put out some quality blogs today, BUT there went that idea huh, but luckily I did go open the freezer when I did.

I hope everyone has a great evening, see y’all in the morning,

Spring Cleaning….Go Me Huh?

Yep, I am spring cleaning. I never spring clean, so don’t ask why I am doing this. I am cleaning out closets, cleaning behind everything, decluttering this house, scrubbing spots that were so often overlooked. I guess I am trying to take my house back from all the clutter. You know, the clutter that you need, but not necessarily need right now, so we just put it here or there.

I run a business out of my home, I sew and make hair accessories, along with dog tags and bracelets, so to accomplish all of this takes quite a bit of stock, but this apartment is only a 2 two bedroom house. I am hoping by organizing the place somewhat, we can keep it clean, and we will always be able to find what we are looking for. I am famous for just “going out and buy another one” when I can’t find the first one.

Becky has Lauren who will be home shortly, so I am working on de-junking her bedroom. Lord the amount of stuff a teenage girl can collect when I am not looking. Lauren has also grown about 3 inches taller since spring of last year, so there’s lots of excessive clothes that will not fit her that I need to go through as well, but I can’t do that if Lauren is here. Oh well, onto my bedroom, Lauren’s room will get finished another day, when she’s with Becky or her father.
Over the years I have done research on cleaning the house on the cheap, mainly with vinegar. I know with today’s economy and uncertainity, I am not the only one that is trying to get life as clean as possible, on the cheap side of things. I still do purchase commercial cleaners, plus bleach, but most of my cleaning is done with homemade cleaners.
I will be back later to post again, if not, I will at least make the loop and come back to read the blogs of my readers,
Thanks everyone,