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Thanks to Fibromyalgia, I Spent this Gorgeous Sunday In Bed

I am sure by now, everyone has head of fibromyalgia. In case you haven’t, fibromyalgia is a muscle disorder that causes deep pain in the muscles of the body, both at the joints and not. The pain of fibro can not be described by one word, even one sentence, other than “this crap hurts”.

For me, fibro presents me with daily pain issues, ranging from spasms to just down right pain. I do take meds daily to help out with the pain, but as with everything else in life, it works most of the time. I have also been diagnosed recently with chronic pain syndrome, which is self-explanatory, and arthritis of my right knee and left shoulder.
I see my family dr tomorrow, as I already have my 6 month dr appt scheduled, which after today, is  a very good thing.

I did like a bunch of your blog posts, I am working on more of those now, I hope to be all caught up by the end of the week or so. Please be patient with me!



My Pain and The Diagnosis I Have Recieved….

For several years now, I have felt that something was wrong with me. Pain was almost constant, then would leave. I am only 48 years old, but some days I feel as though I am 88 years old. I mean, I have the desire (most days), I have the knowledge, I have the need, yet, the pain never dissipates.

I take meds everyday, not only for my diabetes, which is medically necessary for that condition, but pain meds as well, for the condition, that for so long I was told were just in my head. I even had one emergency room doctor tell me that I was faking it to get pain pills. I was livid, I ended up leaving without his stupid prescription.

I have seen family doctors, orthopedic doctors, neurologist, and now pain management doctors. Each one has a new diagnosis, where should I start. I have neropathy from diabetes, it’s a mild case. I take nothing for that condition, just try to control my diabetes better.

I have arthritis of my right knee and my left shoulder, I also have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and most recently chronic pain syndrome. My pain is constant, my life goes on, I am a single parent to a 16 year old mentally challenged homeschooled child. I have a house to clean, a child to keep up with, laundry to wash, groceries to get, and a life to live, yet the pain never stops.

The pain meds sometimes help to curb the pain, but the pain never completely goes away as I always have at least one body part throbbing in pain. So, as I type these blogs, I have never once mentioned my pain conditions, I didn’t want anyone thinking I was out for sympathy, but I have decided to follow bloggers who also have the same problems and be open and honest about my situation.
Now that I have shared this part of my life, I can now start sharing how I make it through the day with this pain, items that make my life easier, what makes my pain worse, and how I cope.