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Feeding Us on Little Money

Hello world! I am here to talk food, mainly meats. With today’s economy as it is, the food prices are going up. Around here we are paying 4.00 for a gallon of 2% white milk, can’t afford the chocolate milk anymore.

I am a stay at home mom, not by choice. Lauren is a handful between the seizures, the PTSD, the homeschooling, and her other issues, that I couldn’t possible get a job that would pay me enough to pay a sitter to keep her. Remember Lauren is 16 years old and still requires around the clock attention. From the time my eyes open in the morning until the time I close my eyes at night, and many times throughout the night, I am dealing with Lauren.

So rather than cry over spilled milk, I just go on and make the best of the current situation. One of the ways I make the best of the situation is by shopping sales. When I shop the sales, I buy in bulk as much as possible, then come home and freeze the purchased meat flat. Yep, I put cookie sheets into the freezer with my meats on there and let that freeze, then I put all of it into Ziploc bags. Like that if it’s only me eating, I can take out just one serving of meat, if we have company, I can take out an extra serving without taking out several extra servings. Lauren will not eat leftovers for the most part.

Today alone, I bought pork sirloin chops at .97 cents per pound, 8 chops per pack, whole package cost me 7.50. A family pack of ground chuck at 2.47 per pound, a 3 1/2 pound package, I paid 8.46 per package on the ground meat. I got these deals at our local grocery store.

Since the package of chops has several in there that are too big for just one of us to eat, that one chop will be a meal for the two of us, probably smothered in onions, with a brown gravy, served over white rice with a vegetable on the side. The whole meal will be less than 1.10 per serving, can’t beat that. The smaller chops I will eventually do shake and bake with those, since that is Lauren’s favorite or I can add two to the crock pot and let it cook like that with a gravy over creamed potatoes.

The ground meat. I will make us 6 patties, freeze those flat, then use the rest of the ground meat to make 1 pound packages that I will throw into the freezer. So the hamburgers are less than .50 each at best. Add some French fries and corn on the cob then we are good to go.

From our local wholesale club I get great deals on meat. Boneless, skinless chicken breast is 1.77 per pound, I can usually get about 5-7 per package at 14.00 per package. I freeze those flat as well. Those will later become chicken spaghetti, chicken alfredo, chicken casserole, chicken fingers, the list goes on. I get as many meals as I have chicken breast because the breasts are big enough to where one is enough for a meal and we both have adequate amounts of meat.

At the wholesale club I also pick up on bone in chicken legs. I can usually get say 10-14 legs per package and I pay like 6.00 for the package. Lauren loves her chicken legs, so this is a treat for her. I usually do the chicken legs in a stew, shake and bake, smothered, or baked. Again, one meal per week, will be chicken legs. I am at 5 meals per week with meat and my cost for the meat is right at about 45.00? Again the chicken legs are frozen flat, so I only take out what I need for a meal. I hate to waste food with food cost ever climbing.

I buy the Bar-S sausage at the local grocery store for about 4.00 for a package that contains 16 sausages. I freeze those flat as well. When dried beans are for dinner, I take a couple of sausage links out of the freezer, chop those up, and add those to the beans. This will make the servings of beans pennies on the dollar. I serve all my beans over white rice.

I also buy the big packs of Bar-S bun length hotdogs, I freeze those flat as well. Like that I can have a quick meal for Lauren and I without wasting a whole pack of hotdogs, remember, Lauren does not eat leftovers. I know hot dogs are bad for us humans, but Lauren doesn’t like the turkey dogs, I am not a fan either.

At the wholesale warehouse, I find great deals on pork. I bought a lean pork roast, cut that in 1/2 and we have at least 4 servings in each portion. I do the roasts mainly when we are having company. Same time I bought the roast, I bought the pork stew meat, it was priced 2.20 per lb, paid 8.30 for the package, so I was able to squeeze four 1 pound servings out of that one package.

Also at the wholesale warehouse, I also pick up the Tyson chicken patties or the Tyson chicken strips. I alternate the bag I buy per month. Since the bag is so big, we can’t eat the whole bag in one month, so I alternate what I purchase so I can alternate meals.

There’s a list of the meats I buy per month, my meat purchases per month are right at 50.00 give or take per month. Of course, I do try to shop our local little grocery stores for the best sales possible. I already posted the blog about our monthly menu of ideas for meals for Lauren and I. I will go and re-blog that for anyone who missed the original post.
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33 Day Menu

Here’s my own version of the month worth of menu. I go far beyond the traditional 30 day menus because I like a little wiggle room, when planning my weekly menu. Substitutions will be presented at the bottom of the list.

Another reason is my daughter would eat shake and bake something seven nights a week if I would let her. Like this she can choose what she likes and we have a better selection. Since the menu does not list shake and bake chicken or shake and bake pork chops more than once a month, that’s how often we have that meal.

Notice almost all my meals include some sort of meat dish. Kate will not eat her meals without meat or a veggie. I change up the veggies to fit the meal we are having, but the most of our veggies for now are out of the can or frozen.

33 Day Menu
1)Lemon garlic chicken and veggies
2) Spaghetti—you choose the base, veggies only, ground meat, chicken, shrimp, hot dogs, sausage, fish
3)Pork chops and au gratin potatoes (shake and bake, baked, grilled, smothered)
4)Fish sticks and macaroni and cheese
5)Smothered chicken and green beans, served over white rice
6) white beans and rice with smoked sausage
7) Red beans and white rice with smoked sausage
8)Chicken stew with white rice
9) Potato stew
10) Hamburger steaks, brown gravy, mashed potatoes
11) Grandma’s meal
12) Fresh sausage (smothered, fried, or grilled) with a package side and a veggie
13) Pork roast, with fresh veggies, white rice, fresh breads
14) Beef Goulash
15) Jambalaya with corn on the cob (choose your meat–hot dogs, smoked sausage, chicken, beef, shrimp)
16) Lima beans, rice, smothered chicken
17) seven steaks smothered, with a red gravy, white rice, and field peas
18) Shake and bake chicken, potato dish
19) New recipe
20) Kate’s choice of meal
21) Baked chicken, rice dressing, sweet peas
22) pancakes and sausage
23) breakfast for supper (eggs, biscuits, sausage or bacon, jelly on the side, grits)
24)shepard’s pie
25) Chili Mac
26) Banquet Crockpot meals
27)Mexican night (tacos, burritos, cheese roll ups, rice, salad)
28)Penne pasta bake
29) Chili and chili beans
30) pork stew
31) gumbo (chicken, shrimp, with okra, without okra, sausage, seafood again choose your on meat and veggies to add)
32) hot dogs and chili, chips and cucumber sticks
33) chicken alfredo, green beans, bread sticks
34) Chicken patties sandwiches (we like Tyson the best), tator tots or French fries
35) French bread pizza (pizza sauce then the sky is the limit on what else you add, hamburger meat crumbled, pepperoni, just veggies, bacon, ham bits)

Potato soups, veggie soups, beef or chicken soups are quick and easy. I keep all my fresh prepared soups in the freezer except for the potato soup as it doesn’t freeze well. Also I can almost always pull off a salad as a meal with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and shredded cheese. With the same shredded cheese I can make cheese tacos. I always also have on hand eggs, so I can do scrambled/fried eggs, egg or  tuna salads.

Enjoy, I hope ya’ll like the read,



I always have fast foods handy, French fries, tator tots, hot dogs, smoked sausages, corn dogs, frozen pizzas. The banquet crock pot meals have recently jumped up in our area by 3.00, so that will be off the menu in the next week or so.

I will post recipes, my variations, and an round about guess at price per meal.