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Sorry For Not Keeping Up With My Blog and Yours

Hello World. It’s Holy Saturday for all of us Christians alike. Masses here in southeast Louisiana are at the usual times, plus a the area Cathedral has also added an 11AM mass for the morning.

Yesterday Lauren, Becky, Kristie Lynn and I spent the day with my brother and his family. The crawfish was great, the company was better. The three kids did an Easter egg hunt, with over 5 dozen plastic eggs, plus 3 dozen hard boiled eggs, the kids hunted eggs for almost 45 minutes. Breaking open the plastic eggs to find the treats inside, kept the 3 kids busy for another 30 minutes.

 Tomorrow we are all getting back together again, for Easter Sunday, my brother is doing a barbeque. I am making a coconut cake, potato salad, and a macaroni salad. Becky has found a recipe for a chocolate and peanut butter dish, so she’s making that and a banana pudding with vanilla wafers.

I have been very busy trying to get the storage units cleaned out and organized. I have tons of fabric, I can’t create new items if I don’t know what fabrics I have available to me in storage.

For me, especially today, pain has been a true issue. Even with my maintenance pain medicine, the pain in my right knee is terrible. Earlier I took a tramadol and went prop up my leg. That helped alleviate most of the pain, but as soon as I put weight on the leg to get out of the bed and come into the living room, the darn leg was throbbing again.

I had no choice, I took 1/2 of a loratab, which when I prop the leg back up, does help with the pain. My issue with Loratabs is that my brain seems to race and I don’t sleep well for a day or two. I guess I can’t be too particular and expect to be pain free and gain sleep all in one day.

I be back later, going fix dinner for Lauren and I,