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Lauren also started doing matching sets...

Lauren, on her own, has decided to start doing matching bracelet and necklace sets. She only uses plastic beads as I am not trusting of her enough yet to set her loose with glass beads. Lauren does all of her own designs, I do all the crimping to make sure the bracelet is closed securely.
Yep, I am one proud Momma and she has sold 1 complete set to someone on FB, 3 necklaces to a BFF of mine, and several bracelets at craft shows, so she is doing quite well.

My youngest daughter bracelets

We started using her desire to bead bracelets as a therapy to help her build confidence, keep her on task, and try to help her recover from her anxiety and PTSD. Imagine our surprise when these bracelets started selling…
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My daughter's two cats (i.e. demon seeds)

My daughter has two cats, Oreo will make a year old in May, Arizona, the Siamese, is about 7 months old, both females, both terrible.
They cause one disaster after the next and she has them quite spoiled. BUT the cats do have a purpose, they serve as therapy cats to help Lauren in her recovery from PTSD.
Don’t let the cuteness fool ya, they are as bad as they are cute.

Update on the Wolves Flooding Our Apartment

Well, it’s going to be a week in just a few hours of when my apartment was raining in. The maintenance crew was upstairs most of the day Monday hammering on the floors. I can only assume that the water from the overflowing tub must had buckled up the wood tile floors upstairs.

The owner of the building told upstairs they must come downstairs to come talk to me and settle up the bill. Not only has that not happened, the wife runs from me. So, this week I am going to the city court and file small claims suit against the husband and wife. I mean, I am out of a lot of money and I am on fixed income attempting to raise a child safely.

The bathroom ceiling has fallen in twice this week on Lauren while she’s trying to bath. Management has not come yet, has not sent maintenance yet, but upstairs’ wood floors are fixed…Love how that works out huh?

I am going to have to go to the office on Monday and let them know my place needs to be fixed ASAP. I understand that ceiling tiles no longer contain asbestos, but the fact the tiles are falling in on my daughter is not a good sign either. A close friend said to tell the owner that “we need a hotel room til this place is livable”. Since it is the responsibility of the owner/management to ensure our health and safety.

About tired of cleaning up on mess after the other. Just hoping something changes soon for us, I am becoming very annoyed.

Good Saturday Morning to Everyone!

Hello World! It’s Saturday morning. Any plans for the weekend? Sleeping in (I wish I was)? Getting out and about enjoying your day?

How’s the weather? I know I ask too many questions for this early in the morning, but they are all revelant on my end, so I just go ahead and make this my first post for the day.

I wish I was sleeping in. My two daughters and I went on animal rescue yesterday, we had to run up north of Baton Rouge and we were gone for like 10 hours. Between, me waking up feeling terrible, the grandbaby who had to ride along being grouchy, Lauren, my youngest daughter having allergic attacks, my oldest daughter, Becky, doing her best to keep everyone healthy, us not having a clue as to where we were going and the GPS got us lost, and the fact that every 10 minutes someone was hungry, thrist or had to potty, we are lucky to have arrived home in the same 24 hour day.

The rescue group is called Rat Rescue, it’s in the town of Walker, kind of northeast of Baton Rouge. Don’t let the group’s name fool ya, we were not there to adopt the rats. Anyways, the group is run out of the founders home. She needed people to help her foster or adopt out her rescued pets. Becky and I took her a donation of a cage and some old bath towels. The family had cages stacked 3 cages high for the animals, mainly rats. She had rats with fur, rats without fur, small rats and she had big rats. I am not a fan of rats at all. I guess it’s the tail that gives me the hee bee geebies!

I do not like Baton Rouge, I can drive most any other big city, New Orleans and Dallas included, but something about Baton Rouge just gets confusing in my head. I have tried to drive Baton Rouge twice alone, while I was a truck driver and the results were always the same, I ended up lost, even though Louise, my GPS was fussing at me to go left. Heck one of the places I ended up, wasn’t even recognized by Louise, she was just as confused as me. SO I no longer drive Baton Rouge, even though if I get on I10 it’s a straight shot thru, I still do not go and I have extended family there, they come visit me here, in my neck of the woods.

I was always raised with animals. I had dogs, cats, iguanas, rabbits, lived on a horse farm twice, and helped run a dog boarding kennel for a couple of months. Once I was married and a Mom we had dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and chickens. The rabbits were always my favorite animals for whatever reason. So the fact that my children have a love of pets and a desire to help should be no surprise at all. As a family, 3 of our dogs were rescues, as well as 2 of the cats.

Becky was there to adopt an adorable 4 month old guinea pig, named Lee Lee. She’s white w/ patches of black and dark brown. Very well behaved and going to make a great addition to Becky’s home, she already has a baby girl guinea pig about the same age, Cinderella. Now Cinderella might have a princess name, but she tends to get a little unruly and bossy at times, so how those two share a cage will be interesting to say the least. My daughter also has 2 rescue hamsters. The first is a huge teddy bear hamster that she found on facebook. The hamster was only being fed celery and according to the post, if someone didn’t come get the hamster that day, the owner was going to let it starve as she couldn’t no longer afford hamster food. This hamsters name is Hammie, I.e. Hammie Hamster. Of course now Hammie is well fed and living in her own cage in the lap of luxury. Not only was hammie a rescue, but she’s also a special needs hamster. She came to Becky blind in one eye.

Becky also took in two fosters. The fosters are rabbits. When the rescue lady pulled the one rabbit out of a cage, my heart almost skipped a beat. It was a tri-color angora rabbit, my most wanted and desired rabbit of all times. He’s absolutely gorgeous. His colors are brown, a tan and black. His cage mate is also being fostered by Becky, and she’s a harlequin, mainly black w/ spots of brown and tan.

So now that Becky has her new pets to care for, I am a day behind on homeschooling lessons, even though Lauren did bring books and work on some lessons while traveling. I am also backed up on doing laundry as well as getting this house cleaned and in order. SO you ask how will I be spending my Saturday, now you know, just as I spend the other 5 days of the week, cleaning, teaching, doing laundry and caring my family and the cats. I will be back later, to post another blog,
Thanks again for the read, have a wonderful weekend,