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My Neighbors Who Musta Been Raised By Wolves

Ok, first off I want y’all to know that I have been a very patient neighbor throughout this whole apartment life. I have never lived in an apartment, but after the separation from my husband, Lauren and I needed someplace to live.

We pay 625 per month, for a 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment. This amount is the cheapest we can find around here, as we are local to a university. This apartment complex here has about 80 apartments and a swimming pool. This is not what is considered “the hood” although it does have several questionable families living here and police are here about once a week.

 We moved in January 2012, upstairs moved in April of 2012. It’s the young parents and two young children under the age of 4. From the get go those children were noisy, never walking anywhere, always running everywhere. Running in the day is fine, but to try and sleep while hearing the sound of little feet pattering at midnight is something different. This went on for about a week, then I had to go to the office and request that the children be put to bed by a certain time, as Lauren with PTSD all that excessive noise while trying to sleep or sleeping is terrible, Lauren was screaming all night long.

The office told the parents the children must be in bed by 9 am, since the children’s bedroom is right above Lauren’s bedroom. That lasted about 2 weeks, then they were running half of the night again. So, again, put in a call to the office and they were warned a second time.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe a person should be able to do whatever they want to inside of the four walls of their home, but when the activities that are going on inside their four walls, effects live inside of my four walls, then I have an issue. I never once complained about the running during the day, I just crank up the television.

So eventually, the kids were put to bed by 930 and I was cool with that. Lauren takes her sleeps medicine now, so for the most part, she’s out cold anyway til at least like 330 or 4AM, which these kids run at that hour as well, yep, no adult supervision.

Then this dog shows up. Some little black chiwawee male dog. Every morning about 7 AM the dog was put outside onto the back patio. That was fine with me, but the poor dog whined and barked all day long til he was brought back in at 6 or 7PM, yep you guessed it we were listening to children run constantly along with a yapping, whining dog all day, 7 days a week.

Eventually we had enough of the dog and I had to go report the dog to the office. I am not the only neighbor who complained so, the parents was told to remove the dog from the premises. Again, I am all for a child having a pet, but what kind of a life did that dog have outside, in 100 degree weather in the days deep in the summer of southeast Louisiana. Not to mention, our life was going bad fast with us having no control.

About six weeks ago, the dad upstairs moved his sister and her two children into the apartment. SO there are now 4 children under the age of 4 upstairs running constantly. Jumping off of the beds, hitting the walls, you name it, they were doing it. Oh wait, the sister didn’t “move in”, she was staying there, which yes, there is a difference. The difference being that if she was just staying there, she didn’t have to adhere to the background check which would reveal the open warrant out for her arrest.

Yes, this whole story does get better, or worse, depending on how you view this whole situation. I have best friends who think that this is some funny stuff, others are sick to the stomach. I guess they think it’s funny since they are not the ones living through this horrible event.

About two weeks ago, I had to wash blankets. Under my patio, I have a metal pole to hang my clothes on. Well, naturally I had hung the blankets out there to air dry. I have to use the local wash room here for all my washing and drying needs, so if I can let items air dry I can.

Lauren happened to be passing by the patio door, while my clothes were hanging outside, and there’s water dripping from what Lauren thought was the roof and she thought was rain. So I ran outside to find the sister scrubbing her patio from a friend’s dog they had visit over the weekend. SO not only was my blankets wet AGAIN, they were now full of dog feces. Oh how mad was I?

Friday night I couldn’t sleep, it was about 1130 pm. I was lying in my bed, playing on my phone when all of a sudden I heard water dripping. I ran into the hallway and my bathroom was flooded, water was just pouring out of the ceiling. I hurriedly called upstairs 3 times, no answer, so I called from my house phone and the sister answered. I asked her what had happened and she said “we are cleaning the mess!” then hung up the phone.

I texted the wife and asked basically, glad you are cleaning your mess, but who’s cleaning this one, as this is the second time your tub overflowing has created a mess in my house. Yep you heard me, about six months ago, 2 small children were left in the tub with water running and my bathroom flooded. At this point on Friday night I was livid.

The water took out the whole bathroom, all my dried towels from the water gushing, both cat boxes, the bed sheets and blankets I had folded in the top of Lauren’s bedroom closet, the other closet in her room had homeschooling books she’s not ready to use yet, the kitchen floor was flooded and I got no help from them what so ever. They didn’t come carry wet clothes to the washer, didn’t come help mop, nothing, not to mention the 25.00 I was out for doing all the wet laundry.

I worked on that fiasco all weekend long. Monday morning I went to the office. The office said that the couple was being told to come down here to settle up with me. I am out of the over the toilet bath rack because it’s wooden and now warped and mildewed. I am out cleaning supplies, laundry detergent and fabric softener, the monies it took to clean the clothes and my efforts.

I am yet to see upstairs face to face, the wife saw my grandbaby come around the corner yesterday and the woman took off running upstairs. Office has said that they will replace all ceiling tiles, the carpet, have the rest of the carpet professionally shampooed, and send out mold experts to inspect, but the owner was quick to remind me that he’s out a lot of money as well. I almost said “well you have 80 apartments to make your money, I am on limited income here”, but I decided to keep my mouth shut.

Yes people, this is how I spent my birthday weekend, cleaning up a mess created by the family who was raised by wolves,