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These are my youngest daughter Lauren’s two cats! Oreo, the mutt cat is going to be a yr old Friday, Arizona the Siamese, is adopted but about 7 months old!
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Lauren also started doing matching sets...

Lauren, on her own, has decided to start doing matching bracelet and necklace sets. She only uses plastic beads as I am not trusting of her enough yet to set her loose with glass beads. Lauren does all of her own designs, I do all the crimping to make sure the bracelet is closed securely.
Yep, I am one proud Momma and she has sold 1 complete set to someone on FB, 3 necklaces to a BFF of mine, and several bracelets at craft shows, so she is doing quite well.

My youngest daughter bracelets

We started using her desire to bead bracelets as a therapy to help her build confidence, keep her on task, and try to help her recover from her anxiety and PTSD. Imagine our surprise when these bracelets started selling…
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Thanks to Fibromyalgia, I Spent this Gorgeous Sunday In Bed

I am sure by now, everyone has head of fibromyalgia. In case you haven’t, fibromyalgia is a muscle disorder that causes deep pain in the muscles of the body, both at the joints and not. The pain of fibro can not be described by one word, even one sentence, other than “this crap hurts”.

For me, fibro presents me with daily pain issues, ranging from spasms to just down right pain. I do take meds daily to help out with the pain, but as with everything else in life, it works most of the time. I have also been diagnosed recently with chronic pain syndrome, which is self-explanatory, and arthritis of my right knee and left shoulder.
I see my family dr tomorrow, as I already have my 6 month dr appt scheduled, which after today, is  a very good thing.

I did like a bunch of your blog posts, I am working on more of those now, I hope to be all caught up by the end of the week or so. Please be patient with me!


Our Booth at the Craft Fair

We attended a craft fair for the last 3 weekends, at least one per weekend, this is our booth set up and ready to go…Yes, people don’t know how to park, and the guy directing parking was not exactly the brightest bulb in the bunch!!


Happy Sunday Morning Everyone….

Hello World. I hope the weather is sunny and bright where ever you are, and if you had the May snow, that it has all melted so everyone can start enjoying spring. Being in southeast Louisiana, we didn’t get any snow, but we were in the mid 40’s, Thursday and Friday nights. Yep, only in southeast Louisiana can you wear shorts at Christmas and winter coats in May. I kid you not! 🙂

I been very busy w/ children, running a small business out of my home, dr appointments, homeschooling, and just life in general. I kept saying that I would get back here and write, to get back in touch with everyone, but time, or energy, never allowed such. I hope, to be back here permanently, but the for moment, I am here now.

I missed everyone so much, reading all of your thoughts, ideas, life’s challenges, and just everything that ya’ll had to share. I am going to go into my reader and start working my way back thru the blogs and liking your writings/photos.

I will get back later on today, to share photos, and more of our mishaps, I promise, life here is not boring!

Thanks for the read my peeps,


On my left, in red, is kade, he’s the little boy I sit for, but he just as soon be called a grandchild, cuz to him, I m “his Maw-maw”….at first that didn’t sit well with Lauren, but not she’s fine w/ it!

On my right in the photo is Lauren, my youngest granddaughter!

Life around here is as hectic as always, but I do hope to find 20 minutes in this day to reve up the laptop and actually do a real blog post!



For those of you in constant varying degrees of pain, or w/ no time to clean, here’s a cleaning tip!

These Lysol wipes, the dual action kind, are perfect for cleaning the kitchen, gritty side down!
Removes most baked on crap, and wipes up spills on the counter, w/I a lot of effort!

In the bathroom, daily, I wipe down tub to keep soap scum from forming, gritty side down!
Same wipe hits the toilet seat!

In under 5 minutes I am done in both rooms as far as wiping down goes anyways!

Clorox also has a dual side wipe, but I think Lysol ones were .75 cents cheaper at Walmart!