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I Was Meant to Be an Only Child….

Hello World again. As always I hope my blog finds you in great health and spirits. I was born mid March of 1965. I was my Paw Paw’s late birthday present as his birthday was just 3 days earlier. I was the first born of the first born child, so in my mind, that presented me with some sort of status symbol. I was the first child, first grandchild, and first niece, all the way around. Yea I was special….LOL!

I was always a Daddy’s girl. If my Daddy wasn’t around I was with my Maw maw and Paw paw as they were the babysitter while my parents worked. My Maw maw made my dresses, blankets, baby doll clothes, etc. Yea, I was slightly spoiled. About 18 months later, a cousin was born, then 18 months another cousin was born, but they weren’t my siblings so in my mind, my status in life was still secure.

I remember telling my parents I didn’t want a brother or sister, they were my Mommie and Daddy and of course, I had no intentions of sharing either of them with anyone. Oh we had a german Shepard and a cat, that was cool with me. When something got broke, I was quick to blame the animals. Yea I was a sneaky child.

When I was 5, my Mommy’s belly started getting bigger, the conversation of a new baby became more and more frequent. I kept denying the need for me to have a sibling, I mean, what was the purpose? I saw none.

Well, much to my dismay, when I was 5 1/2 years old, my Mom delivered a baby, I was praying for another kitten, but no such luck. This child was a boy baby. He was smelly, loud, and ate all the time, plus took my parents from me. The older he got, the more he got into. I was determined this child had to go. Plan B was put into play. Plan A was to never have the child in the first place.

When the baby boy was about 18 months or so, Mom had a garage sale. I watched and observed about how this process worked. I figured out that you price an item, people pay cash for the item, and they take the item home. Genius I swear. So me, in all my infinite wisdom, decided if this process was working for household items and garage sale wares, naturally it would work for selling off the child.

Back then 40 something years ago, there were no fancy pre-priced garage sale tags, so everything was done with a masking tape and marker. So away I went. I started out pricing him high. I mean if he sold, it was my money, remember this was my idea. After a few, I had no takers, so I reduced the price. I mean, I wouldn’t pay a .75 cents for him either. Next he was marked down to .50 cents. I also figured out that he had to be still for people to see that he was for sale, so I let him play with some of my toys. Still no takers, I was disappointed, but determined.

So after a fair amount of time had passed, at least in my 7 year old mind, I reduced the child to .25 cents. Mom was busy with the garage sale, so she didn’t see any of my business dealings in play, thankfully. We were being watched by our maid and my Maw Maw.

So, when .25 didn’t work, I marked him down for free. Made sure he sat still in the area of the garage sale items and just had high hopes. Finally a customer passed, saw the free thing, and made comment to Mom about her ingenious selling techniques of selling off the child. Mom, being confused, looked at the child’s forehead, and then at me. I knew I was in trouble. Needless to say, I felt the wrath of her choice of discipline. Even being disciplined, I was not giving up hope. About 9 months later, at Christmas time, my parents bought me a wooden playhouse. Nice wooden, sturdy, heavy playhouse. It was painted barn red with white trim. It had a double open door and windows on either side. The windows locked on the inside, the doors were padlocked shut so no one stole my goodies. After I got over the joy of having such an awesome playhouse, I was informed by the parents that I was to share the playhouse with the boy child. Thus my new plan or ridding myself of the annoying boy child was put into play. Remember I was not fond of sharing my toys or anything else with this child so it was important that this plan succeed.

The boy child and I were playing outside one afternoon, he was about 2 1/2-3 years old at this time. Yea you can figure out where this is going, but in case you can’t, I will fill in the blanks. After playing that particular afternoon, I made sure to lock up the playhouse windows, then padlocked the door and went on inside. Mom asked “where’s your brother?” I answered her with a I dunno sort of question. I was told “get out there and look for that child”.

So I did, I went outside looked and didn’t see him, she didn’t say listen for him screaming from inside of the playhouse. I was doing as I was told. I went inside and told her, “I don’t see him”.

Mom, frantically, went outside and heard the boy child screaming from inside the playhouse. She undone the padlock and he was set free. Again, I felt the warth of Mom’s choice of disciplinary actions. I am sure you see a pattern forming here, but I was not going to be deterred.

By the time he was 4, he was really, really annoying. He was into my toys and not told no by the parents, my heart was broken, I mean he was touching my Barbie’s and Barbie stuff….he just had to go. So Plan C was put into play, yea I was a thinker back then too.

One afternoon, after school, I think the boy child was about 4 1/2 or 5. I came in from my school day to find the child riding on my Barbie camper. The camper back then was about as tall as a full sized Barbie doll. Really nice. OH I was hot. This was unacceptable, if not to the parents, at least to me. Same thing happened the following day after school. I knew nothing was going to be done, so it was up to me.

I had a 1/2 of a poster and borrowed my Dad’s permanent markers, you know the markers we had before Sharpies. The big, thick black ones. On the poster, I marked, “Kid brother Free”. I wasn’t swift enough to be able to cut a board to stake this at the road, so in all my infamous, 10 year old wisdom, I removed the plant out of Mom’s flower pot, then the dirt, and dragged that heavy thing to the road. Onto the pot, I taped the sign. I just knew this one was going to work.

Well, Dad came home, saw the sign, called me outside, helped me re-pot the plant and said “Never do this again and don’t tell your Mom!” I was fine w/ not telling Mom, I knew the wrath of her discipline was going to be strong, but I was disappointed. I mean, this was a great plan. Darn.

Plan D….not long after plan C failed, the boy child was still in my Barbie stuff, I didn’t dare hit the boy child, remember the wrath is at play here and since he was always squalling, I knew I would get into trouble. He would had been about 6-ish, he was in kindergarten or the first grade. That made me in about the 5th-6th grade. School work had become more challenging and I remember having to write a paper. I can’t remember the paper’s theme, but it had something to do with “if you can have anything you want, what would it be”. Well, if opportunity knocks, far be it for me not to take it.

I wanted to be an only child. The boy child was becoming more annoying as he aged, he was still stinking, except after baths, he was eating more foods, and he was just spoiled. So, my paper was about my desire to be an only child. Can you see where this is going? I ended up writing a 2 page paper, made an A on that bad girl, I was so proud. Back then, parents had to sign our weekly test grades. I thought for sure Mom was going to be just so proud of my A, Dad saw humor, Mom didn’t. Again, the wrath of her form of discipline was felt, like badly, if I remember correctly. Yep, I was as determined and as hard headed then as I am now.

When the boy child was about 8ish,I was about 13 1/2 years old,  my parents presented us with a two seater go cart. Of course, the boy child legs were too short to be able to reach the petals which meant that I was the only driver. Go carts back then were a metal frame, really close to the ground. We each had a helmet, so me causing him any brain damage was out of the question.  At first, we rode in the lot behind the house, while I got the feel of the ride. Across the road was a huge piece of virgin property, there was at least 3 acres there. Other neighborhood kids had motorbikes and go carts, so after me begging enough, the parents allowed us to go across the road to be with the other children.

And then comes along Plan E,  I knew that this plan would be the one to work. I mean in my mind it had to work. I was meant to be an only child and I was going to be just that. Now mastering of handle the go cart was handled by me and fast, the opportunity was knocking. That go cart would cruise around those corners and the boy child would just flip off, leave him and keep on driving.


The first time I was able to get away with this being an accident, 2nd time, I blamed he wasn’t holding on. Eventually the female parent figured out a pattern and knew what I was up to. Yes, once again, the wrath of Mom came down on me hard and I never did that again, but I didn’t give up, by no means. I just had to have the chance to ponder on this situation. Well my final attempt was going to be epic.
The boy child loved the garbage truck, since he was little, I mean like 2ish.You know, that big nasty truck that comes down the street, picking up all of the smelly stuff. The boy child had an odor already. He would sit in the driveway and wait on that truck to come by every Monday and Thursday. It was the highlight of his week. The garbage men would even let him help dispose of our trash into the truck. That boy child was just so excited. For several of his Christmas presents, he even requested a garbage can for his presents. Of course, the garbage cans had to be the metal ones, this is 40 years ago, long before the plastic cans. Something about hearing the metal of the garbage can lids hit the ground just did his heart good. Eventually the boy child did grow up, but he never gave up his love of the garbage truck. As he aged, the garbage men would let him go around the neighborhood helping with the other garbage cans. Opportunity presented itself one last time. While out on his bi-weekly garbage runs, I had the idea we should move or just not be home, hoping one of the garbage men would just take the boy child home as their own. Again, I thought it was the best idea of the century, I mean, I would finally be an only child and he would be with a good family, but before I could ever convince the parents that this was a wonderful idea, I once again, felt the wrath, yep you guessed it, of the female parent.
At that point, I gave up on trying to get rid of the boy child and decided to just keep him. I never stopped feeling the wrath of the female parent until I was about 21 years old, but at least I wasn’t feeling the wrath due to my inability to become an only child.
After my last attempt to become an only child, I became a protector of the boy child by defending him against bullies and the such. I cared for him after school, while the female parent worked, as well as tried to keep him on this side of the female parent’s wrath.
What the wrath was, from the female parent, and why I was always feeling it throughout my life, will be discussed in another article. Oh by the way, the boy child is now 43 1/2 years old, running his own business, and bigger than me, so I would no way attempt this feat today. Besides, after all this time, I have become sort of attached to the boy child! LOL!

Feeding Us on Little Money

Hello world! I am here to talk food, mainly meats. With today’s economy as it is, the food prices are going up. Around here we are paying 4.00 for a gallon of 2% white milk, can’t afford the chocolate milk anymore.

I am a stay at home mom, not by choice. Lauren is a handful between the seizures, the PTSD, the homeschooling, and her other issues, that I couldn’t possible get a job that would pay me enough to pay a sitter to keep her. Remember Lauren is 16 years old and still requires around the clock attention. From the time my eyes open in the morning until the time I close my eyes at night, and many times throughout the night, I am dealing with Lauren.

So rather than cry over spilled milk, I just go on and make the best of the current situation. One of the ways I make the best of the situation is by shopping sales. When I shop the sales, I buy in bulk as much as possible, then come home and freeze the purchased meat flat. Yep, I put cookie sheets into the freezer with my meats on there and let that freeze, then I put all of it into Ziploc bags. Like that if it’s only me eating, I can take out just one serving of meat, if we have company, I can take out an extra serving without taking out several extra servings. Lauren will not eat leftovers for the most part.

Today alone, I bought pork sirloin chops at .97 cents per pound, 8 chops per pack, whole package cost me 7.50. A family pack of ground chuck at 2.47 per pound, a 3 1/2 pound package, I paid 8.46 per package on the ground meat. I got these deals at our local grocery store.

Since the package of chops has several in there that are too big for just one of us to eat, that one chop will be a meal for the two of us, probably smothered in onions, with a brown gravy, served over white rice with a vegetable on the side. The whole meal will be less than 1.10 per serving, can’t beat that. The smaller chops I will eventually do shake and bake with those, since that is Lauren’s favorite or I can add two to the crock pot and let it cook like that with a gravy over creamed potatoes.

The ground meat. I will make us 6 patties, freeze those flat, then use the rest of the ground meat to make 1 pound packages that I will throw into the freezer. So the hamburgers are less than .50 each at best. Add some French fries and corn on the cob then we are good to go.

From our local wholesale club I get great deals on meat. Boneless, skinless chicken breast is 1.77 per pound, I can usually get about 5-7 per package at 14.00 per package. I freeze those flat as well. Those will later become chicken spaghetti, chicken alfredo, chicken casserole, chicken fingers, the list goes on. I get as many meals as I have chicken breast because the breasts are big enough to where one is enough for a meal and we both have adequate amounts of meat.

At the wholesale club I also pick up on bone in chicken legs. I can usually get say 10-14 legs per package and I pay like 6.00 for the package. Lauren loves her chicken legs, so this is a treat for her. I usually do the chicken legs in a stew, shake and bake, smothered, or baked. Again, one meal per week, will be chicken legs. I am at 5 meals per week with meat and my cost for the meat is right at about 45.00? Again the chicken legs are frozen flat, so I only take out what I need for a meal. I hate to waste food with food cost ever climbing.

I buy the Bar-S sausage at the local grocery store for about 4.00 for a package that contains 16 sausages. I freeze those flat as well. When dried beans are for dinner, I take a couple of sausage links out of the freezer, chop those up, and add those to the beans. This will make the servings of beans pennies on the dollar. I serve all my beans over white rice.

I also buy the big packs of Bar-S bun length hotdogs, I freeze those flat as well. Like that I can have a quick meal for Lauren and I without wasting a whole pack of hotdogs, remember, Lauren does not eat leftovers. I know hot dogs are bad for us humans, but Lauren doesn’t like the turkey dogs, I am not a fan either.

At the wholesale warehouse, I find great deals on pork. I bought a lean pork roast, cut that in 1/2 and we have at least 4 servings in each portion. I do the roasts mainly when we are having company. Same time I bought the roast, I bought the pork stew meat, it was priced 2.20 per lb, paid 8.30 for the package, so I was able to squeeze four 1 pound servings out of that one package.

Also at the wholesale warehouse, I also pick up the Tyson chicken patties or the Tyson chicken strips. I alternate the bag I buy per month. Since the bag is so big, we can’t eat the whole bag in one month, so I alternate what I purchase so I can alternate meals.

There’s a list of the meats I buy per month, my meat purchases per month are right at 50.00 give or take per month. Of course, I do try to shop our local little grocery stores for the best sales possible. I already posted the blog about our monthly menu of ideas for meals for Lauren and I. I will go and re-blog that for anyone who missed the original post.
Thanks for the read,

Update on the Wolves Flooding Our Apartment

Well, it’s going to be a week in just a few hours of when my apartment was raining in. The maintenance crew was upstairs most of the day Monday hammering on the floors. I can only assume that the water from the overflowing tub must had buckled up the wood tile floors upstairs.

The owner of the building told upstairs they must come downstairs to come talk to me and settle up the bill. Not only has that not happened, the wife runs from me. So, this week I am going to the city court and file small claims suit against the husband and wife. I mean, I am out of a lot of money and I am on fixed income attempting to raise a child safely.

The bathroom ceiling has fallen in twice this week on Lauren while she’s trying to bath. Management has not come yet, has not sent maintenance yet, but upstairs’ wood floors are fixed…Love how that works out huh?

I am going to have to go to the office on Monday and let them know my place needs to be fixed ASAP. I understand that ceiling tiles no longer contain asbestos, but the fact the tiles are falling in on my daughter is not a good sign either. A close friend said to tell the owner that “we need a hotel room til this place is livable”. Since it is the responsibility of the owner/management to ensure our health and safety.

About tired of cleaning up on mess after the other. Just hoping something changes soon for us, I am becoming very annoyed.

Freaky Friday…of sorts

Hello World. I hope you day is going well. Things here are as hectic as always. Becky and I took Lauren to the psychologist yesterday, that’s a whole other story in it’s own, but I will do a blog later.

I am working on housework that hasn’t been touched since Wednesday morning. Our on site laundrymat is down to one washer, I am going to be doing laundry all day. Still have to pass the vaccumm and mop, but I do already have the dishwasher going and one load of laundry started.

Lauren is with Becky since the appt yesterday. Becky is going to be a part of a big garage sale tomorrow, so Lauren is helping with Kristie Lynn (Becky’s child) and helping Becky price items and pack stuff for tomorrow.

I am not here to talk about how much housework I have to do, as I am sure all of us have lots of housework to do. I am here to let my faithful readers know that I am going to go thru your blogs and read your blogs and at least like the blog, and leave comments if necessary. I have been liking all my the blogs that are coming thru my reader and not doing the same for my faithful readers. I am going to work on that this weekend.

Thanks for being faithful readers,

Who Else “De-junks” the House to Add More “Junk”?

Hello World! I hope your morning is pleasant and bright. While you are enjoying your morning coffee or quiet time alone before the family wakes up, I thought that I would ask a pertinent question.

My whole life, I have always saved things “cuz one day I am gonna need this”. Eventually that pile of stuff gets to the point of falling over and I have to de-junk that pile. I am famous for doing that with crafting supplies, material,fleece, my t-shirts, and buttons. By my t-shirts, I mean the t-shirts I physically wear on a daily basis. I don’t work, the farthest I go is the grocery store, so I love my t-shirts. No matter how thin, frail, and holey, my t-shirts get, I still wear them. When the t-shirt is at the brink of me looking like some sort of homeless person and I must give up the t-shirt, it’s almost like I have lost my best friend. Of course, the t-shirt is not trashed, rather up-cycled into something else usable.
I am also here to confess that I have a button fetish of sorts. I will purchase a top or coat at a thrift store just to cut the buttons off. What am I ever going to do with all these buttons? Probably leave em in my will to my kids as I can’t ever use them all, but for right now I am using them as crafts to make headbands and bracelets with. When we ruin a shirt or it becomes to thin to wear, the buttons are cut off, along with any other useable part of the shirt. If the shirt is just too cute of a print, I will cut that into scraps as well.
I am a crafter of sorts, I sell my wares to help support Laure+n and I. We attend several craft shows during the year and I also sell on Etsy.
Many of my items are hand me downs from friends and family, I am also a member of freecycle group, which main purpose is to keep the landfills free of re-usable items. I am a big fan of shopping thrift stores and garage sales, so if I have to pay full price for an item, you know I am desperate and can’t find it anywhere else.
I will make of post of items I have created in the past at another time. Right now, I am dealing with a very important question.

Who else here “de-junks” the house, only to bring more “junk” in. I am not referring to old newspapers or magazines or just junk. I am referring to items that I can use to create other items and even upcycle. “Upcycling” has become very popular in the last several years in order the rid the world of excessive waste. I use old blue jeans for several projects including blue jean quilts, purses, and headbands, old t-shirts are used to make dog toys, and hand me down scraps of material are used to make everything from quilts to hair bows, if it’s usable, it doesn’t get thrown out.

But eventually my craftiness takes over the house and I have to start decluttering. This week, I am decluttering the house of anything useable, including old clothes because my oldest daughter Becky is having a yard sale. So perfect time to declutter and help her make some extra money since she does so much to help out Lauren and I.
What does not get packed up for Becky’s garage sale is going to be packed up for a pet rescue group who is having a garage sale the middle part of April. I am doing dog friendly toys as a donation for the garage sale to send home with any animals which are adopted that day. Yep, that’s where my stash of old t-shirts, fleece, and that fabric I have been hoarding comes into play. As soon as I have several items ready to donate to the pet rescue group, I will make a post w/ instructions there as well. A couple of items require no sewing, the rest of the items, are just basic sewing skills needed.

As I am decluttering I have a long time friend texting me telling me that she “has a pile of stuff with my name all over it”. So the clutter around here may become more manageable but will never be completely gone.

As the old saying goes “one man’s junk, is another man’s treasure”.

With that I am off, to do what I do all day, which is everything, I be back later,

Spring Cleaning….Go Me Huh?

Yep, I am spring cleaning. I never spring clean, so don’t ask why I am doing this. I am cleaning out closets, cleaning behind everything, decluttering this house, scrubbing spots that were so often overlooked. I guess I am trying to take my house back from all the clutter. You know, the clutter that you need, but not necessarily need right now, so we just put it here or there.

I run a business out of my home, I sew and make hair accessories, along with dog tags and bracelets, so to accomplish all of this takes quite a bit of stock, but this apartment is only a 2 two bedroom house. I am hoping by organizing the place somewhat, we can keep it clean, and we will always be able to find what we are looking for. I am famous for just “going out and buy another one” when I can’t find the first one.

Becky has Lauren who will be home shortly, so I am working on de-junking her bedroom. Lord the amount of stuff a teenage girl can collect when I am not looking. Lauren has also grown about 3 inches taller since spring of last year, so there’s lots of excessive clothes that will not fit her that I need to go through as well, but I can’t do that if Lauren is here. Oh well, onto my bedroom, Lauren’s room will get finished another day, when she’s with Becky or her father.
Over the years I have done research on cleaning the house on the cheap, mainly with vinegar. I know with today’s economy and uncertainity, I am not the only one that is trying to get life as clean as possible, on the cheap side of things. I still do purchase commercial cleaners, plus bleach, but most of my cleaning is done with homemade cleaners.
I will be back later to post again, if not, I will at least make the loop and come back to read the blogs of my readers,
Thanks everyone,

Manic Monday Became Boring Tuesday

Hello World! Hope everyone is well and in good graces as I write this blog tonight. Yesterday was such a hectic day, that I couldn’t even find time to blog. Basically anything that could go wrong did, short of an ambulance or fire and rescue being called out to the house.

Remember in a previous post, I mentioned that I babysit Kade 3 times per week while his Mom attends college. Kade is a 2 year old handful, who calls me “his Maw maw”. His smart as a whip and very head strong. His parents have been trying to potty train him. Last week he did fine with me, had no accidents, boy did yesterday ever take a turn for the worse in that department.

Kade messed his clothes, I got him bathed, mess cleaned up, and his snack given. I was busy working, when he had again had an accident in his clothes, stop everything and repeat the process. I don’t fuss at him over this, he’s still basically a baby and fussing him will only make matters worse. Yes he was given another snack to take his mind off of the situation. By this time, I am already exhausted.

The whole time I am trying to homeschool Lauren, who was on task until about this moment in my life. I asked her to go into the bathroom to make sure I had everything tidy from Kade’s 2nd bath of the day, while I started the dishes. I never really paid no mind to how long Lauren was in the bathroom except when I heard her scream “Momma”.

I rounded the corner of the bathroom door to find her attempting to bathe the kitten in a bathtub full of water. Now where that came from I have no clue, in fact, we had the discussion about 37 times on why we don’t bath the kittens/cats in the bathtub. Sure enough the kitten was flying over Lauren’s shoulder, claws all extended hissing the whole way. Now on this one, I had to fuss at Lauren, the kitten could had really hurt Lauren and she knew better.

Well upon me fussing at Lauren, that was basically the end of her attention span and the homeschooling lessons was over for the day, I could never get her back on task again.  Now since she was off task, I felt that “making” her do her lessons was not going to be productive at all, so she volunteered to clean her room…..YES I said VOLUNTEERED!

We sorted through lots of her school supplies and homeschooling books and she put away her folded clothes. She even passed the vaccumm in her bedroom and the hallway, so her not being on task with the school work wasn’t a fiasco after all, since she did get something accomplished.

Lauren asked to go with her sister Becky last night to sleep at her house. I said yes, sent homeschooling work and she has asked to stay again tonight. So we are at day 1 1/2 of no Lauren here to drive me batty.

Today I was able to get 4 loads of clothes done and hung up to dry, the kitchen counters and stove wiped down and cleaned, 1/2 of my bedroom cleaned (I was on the floor using the hose to clean the corners of the bedroom), cleaned out one of Lauren’s closets to donate to an upcoming garage sale, and took a load of boxes to the storage unit to get it out of here.

BUT all of this said, I have enjoyed my time away from Lauren, it’s a lot less hectic around here without her, but at the same time I miss her…..With the PTSD Lauren tends to be very clingy towards me and other pertinent adults in her life and is hesitant to leave me, even if it is to go with her sister, so I guess I need to quit whining and enjoy my quiet time.

Now I sleep, tomorrow I awake, then repeat the process hopefully on the other side of my bedroom.

“Patience is a virtue”

In life, no matter if a person is dealing with children, adults, animals, or life in general, the above quote says it all. If a person can just have patience, more can be accomplished, but I must say I am not the most patient person, so I am trying to practice what I preach.

I need to learn patience, if nothing else, with Lauren’s PTSD diagnosis, all the new drs who now are part of my inner circle, and the fact that I am again homeschooling!

Thursday: Another Day In Paradise

Hello World! Have you ever had one of those days that just kept on giving; giving you nothing but trouble? I have had many of those days here lately, Thursday was no exception. I had an early morning dr appt so I had to be up and ready to leave the house early. The fact that I had to be awake early, much less ready to leave the house early, is usually enough to put my into a bad mood. With that being said, Thursday my mood was unusually pleasant. Got to the hospital early and was able to pick up on my favorite breakfast sandwich, hot ham, egg, and cheese on toast, add a little lettuce and mayonnaise and life for me is good. I was even called into the room to see the dr about an hour earlier than my appt, woohoo I was on a roll.

The appt was for the GYN dr, yes I am old, yes I have outgrown the OB part of the practice. No more need for OB dr here anymore, thankfully. If I had to have more kids after these four kids I have no idea of what I would do. I mean my children are not harden criminals or anything of that sort, just were very trying to raise, now that three of the four are raised, the old wives tale proves to be true, “the older the kids get, the more problems they become.” My children also helped me to learn early on, that “patience is a virtual”, as I am sure most parents already know.

I have gotten off the beaten path here, that happens when I get to talking about my children. GYN dr says that I will most likely need a hysterectomy soon, I have a ultrasound scheduled in the next 10 days or so, then my decision needs to made on my decision of whether I will have the surgery or not.

Even though, I am not a very good patient, I had drs, hospitals, and everything that goes along with the two, I was still very positive and upbeat about the day.

I managed to get out the hospital and get home to start the never ending pile of laundry and that huge list of ever pending housework that continuously calls my name. Yep, the housework and laundry only knows my name. Lucky me huh? I was minding my business, moving right along, when my youngest daughter’s, Lauren,  neurologist called from New Orleans to review the EKG results with me. I already knew the results, but she wanted to fill me in. Found out that we will have to drive into New Orleans, at least once a week to see the psychologist and a psychiatrist, weekly. Now if we were around the block from the Children’s Hospital in New Orleans that might be a tad different, but we are about 70 miles southwest, so for us it’s at least a 2 hour round trip weekly, plus the amount of time we spend in with the dr and time spent waiting between appointments.

The neurologist also said that even after all is said and done with the psychologist and psychiatrist weekly visits, Lauren still may not be able to return to school. PTSD is back, oh wait it never left! Ok that was it for me. Lauren loves going to school, she loves being with her friends and her favorite teachers. She’s not A honor roll, basically just the opposite in all special ed classes, but she’s the innocent victim here while her attacker can attend school freely, do exactly what he wants freely, attend ball games, school dances, and here Lauren sits, staring at me for her source of entertainment, as well as parent and educator. I don’t break down often, as I am usually a very strong woman who can usually figure things out rather quickly, but the news that she can’t attend public schools, probably never again, was the straw that broke the proverbial camels back for me.

After all of that, Lauren and I came home to find a letter in the mailbox, I am being taken to truancy court over the days missed with all these dr visits/days waiting for homebound teacher to be assigned. I will explain the need for homebound in another post, since I am long winded today!