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Any Plans This Weekend?

Hello World! It’s Reba again. Just wondering what your plans are for the weekend? I am cleaning, doing laundry and school shopping to get everything ready for the start of school.

If I go anywhere’s, it will be to hobby lobby and walmart to get crafting and cleaning supplies and a few groceries.


More Tornadoes Hit Ok Last Night

Mother Nature hit Oklahoma again last night leaving behind more devastation and destruction, plus more deaths, 5 total I think!
The storms are in no means over, producing some pretty serious flooding, softball sized hail, and massive tornadoes!
The areas that were hit, a few was already hit 2 weeks ago, shawnee for sure, but places like Oklahoma City, got hit hard with flooding and tornadoes!
Our supply load last weekend went into Shawnee and carney, ok areas, so to hear that the area was hit again is exceptionally hard!
The picture above is just part of this weekends load going into broken arrow, ok leaving this afternoon!


My Day Thursday..Went from Bad to H#$L PART 2

Hello World, Reba here again. Yep, as promised I am back to write about my day Thursday, which was just terrible on so many levels, even though, it started off like any other normal day, in pain, but I was moving getting household chores done.

In the last blog post, I had just left the pain management appt for myself, I walked out of the clinic when the phone call came in. My vehicle transmission had gone out, completely. The minimum to get the transmission fixed, at minimum, is 350.00 plus labor and the cost of fluids.

Yep, with that news, I was just outdone. First my pain is over the top, then some, now the only vehicle my family owns has bit the dust. I questioned myself, as to what else could go wrong, eventually I will learn not to ask that question.

My oldest daughter, Becky, took her daughter, Kristie, to New Orleans to have an MRI done. Kristie has been having some pretty massive migranes. I couldn’t cancel my pain management appoinment, we are in groups, and to miss an appoinment, I wouldn’t get seen for another 6 months. Becky didn’t want to have to wait for Kristie’s MRI, so, against my better judgment we decided to go our separate ways and conquer both appoinments. I never miss New Orleans appointments. I hardly ever miss local appointments unless I am stay home to babysit Kristie. Again, separating and attending both appointments was against my better judgment, but it must be done. I knew what my doctor’s appointment held in store for me and I thought that Kristie’s appointment was going to be a diagnosis of migraines, meds would be prescribed, and that would be the end of the appointment. BOY was I ever wrong.

My pain management appointment ended, the call about the transmission came in, then Becky called. In her voice, I can hear where she was fighting back tears, my heart sank. I feared that they had been in a car accident, millions of things went through my mind, but the words that came out of her mouth next, my heart sunk; Literally!

The next words out of her mouth will ring in my head forever, “Mom, Kristie has something called Chiari malformation, it’s a birth defect, and she needs brain surgery.” I had to make her repeat herself again. I just knew that I didn’t hear my grandbaby was going to be needing brain surgery, I was wrong, I did hear her right.

In my head I was thinking, birth defect? Kristie will be 5 years old in June, how is it we are just finding out about a birth defect? And what the heck is the Chiari malformation? And what is this brain surgery going to involve? And why is it my grandchild? Oh I had a million of questions going through my mind. Questions that we had no answers to because Becky was so stunned with the diagnosis, she was speechless when she was with the neurologist. I am not sure that I would have been any less speechless.

So once Becky and I were able to be face to face, I learned that Chairi malformation is a birth defect that is a bone at the base of Kristie’s skull. The bone in question is about 3 inches longer than what it needs to be. Oh and that’s not the worse of this whole darn (at this point I don’t mean darn) fiasco, the neurosurgeon will not be removing the bone from her head, but they will be making room in Kristie’s skull for the bone.

Becky is still in shock over the diagnosis, but she has started doing a little research here and there, my son in law is just outdone. I am trying to find out as much as possible. Using a social media network, I have found several post op moms of kids with Chiari, they are helping me with what I don’t know, what I need to know, what I need to do research on, what the symptoms are, what’s the best area hospitals w/ the best neurosurgeons. The list of what I don’t know is still very long, I am figuring I will never know everything there is to know about Chiari malformation, but I do hope to be at very least an informed Maw Maw, when it comes time for Kristie’s Neurosurgeon appointment.

I am praying that the diagnosis is wrong and is all a big mistake, but I am still going to be prepared in case.

Thanks for letting me rant,

Lauren also started doing matching sets...

Lauren, on her own, has decided to start doing matching bracelet and necklace sets. She only uses plastic beads as I am not trusting of her enough yet to set her loose with glass beads. Lauren does all of her own designs, I do all the crimping to make sure the bracelet is closed securely.
Yep, I am one proud Momma and she has sold 1 complete set to someone on FB, 3 necklaces to a BFF of mine, and several bracelets at craft shows, so she is doing quite well.

My youngest daughter bracelets

We started using her desire to bead bracelets as a therapy to help her build confidence, keep her on task, and try to help her recover from her anxiety and PTSD. Imagine our surprise when these bracelets started selling…
Thanks for stopping in,

Sorry For Not Keeping Up With My Blog and Yours

Hello World. It’s Holy Saturday for all of us Christians alike. Masses here in southeast Louisiana are at the usual times, plus a the area Cathedral has also added an 11AM mass for the morning.

Yesterday Lauren, Becky, Kristie Lynn and I spent the day with my brother and his family. The crawfish was great, the company was better. The three kids did an Easter egg hunt, with over 5 dozen plastic eggs, plus 3 dozen hard boiled eggs, the kids hunted eggs for almost 45 minutes. Breaking open the plastic eggs to find the treats inside, kept the 3 kids busy for another 30 minutes.

 Tomorrow we are all getting back together again, for Easter Sunday, my brother is doing a barbeque. I am making a coconut cake, potato salad, and a macaroni salad. Becky has found a recipe for a chocolate and peanut butter dish, so she’s making that and a banana pudding with vanilla wafers.

I have been very busy trying to get the storage units cleaned out and organized. I have tons of fabric, I can’t create new items if I don’t know what fabrics I have available to me in storage.

For me, especially today, pain has been a true issue. Even with my maintenance pain medicine, the pain in my right knee is terrible. Earlier I took a tramadol and went prop up my leg. That helped alleviate most of the pain, but as soon as I put weight on the leg to get out of the bed and come into the living room, the darn leg was throbbing again.

I had no choice, I took 1/2 of a loratab, which when I prop the leg back up, does help with the pain. My issue with Loratabs is that my brain seems to race and I don’t sleep well for a day or two. I guess I can’t be too particular and expect to be pain free and gain sleep all in one day.

I be back later, going fix dinner for Lauren and I,


Math videos and so much more

I recently found on a social media website that I am a member of, since Lauren is behind her age in schooling, and math is her very worse subject, I decided to pop in and take a look. offers video support around videos that are teaching tools. The grade base of the website is kindergarten through the 12th grade.

The grades are broken up on the website to help finding the videos much easier for the students and the parents/teachers. also offers curriculum puzzle books. Included in the link are pdf files with the needed work as well as the answer key. The website also offers a link to purchase the puzzle books. On the website, there’s one curriculum puzzle book per grade.

There’s also another link on the website that offers information on people inspiring math and the likes. Some of the people include inventors math strategic games and mathematic geniuses.

There is also a link at the with helpful tips for teachers/parents and the student.  The website is totally free unless you choose to purchase the curriculum puzzle books.


My Life Changed Forever

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

My brother was always my Mom’s favorite child, I was treated as a red headed step child, yet he was the child who could do no wrong. No matter what I did, I could never earn her respect and acceptance.


I tried and I tried still, I figured she loved me, but yet, I never felt the love. No matter what I did, didn’t do, said, didn’t say, I was always wrong. If I got an A, I should of gotten an A plus. You know where this is going.

My childhood growing up was very happy as long as my Dad was around, but after Dad took sick and we moved out of state to “be safe from Dad” since the stroke left Dad with impairments.


MOm became more abusive after we had left town. Her weapon of choice for discipline towards me was the wooden cooking spoons. The reasons for her to hit on me became more and more frequent, sometimes it wasn’t even anything that I did or didn’t do, it was just her taking out her frustration at a current situation.

Also, something that was beyond my control, and certainly not my fault, Mom was abused as a child. Psychically, emotional, and sexually, he Mother left a lot to be desired at best. Since the relationship wasn’t exactly healthy w/ her own Mom, I felt my whole life that she took that out on me. Heck, even several point of my life, I asked the aunts and uncles on my Dad’s side if I was adopted. They all told me no, each of them saying they saw Mom pregnant with me, besides, I look just like my Dad.

The last time I accepted physical abuse from my Mom, I was 21 years old. I was still living at home and an unwed mother, but the child’s absent father and I were trying to work out our trials and tribulations.

My ex boyfriend and I had gone ride to his job interview, it’s about a 2 hour drive. I told Mom that we would be back about 2pm.

Well we were about an hour or so late at getting home, but we were home before dark. The ex boyfriend dropped me off and left. I went into my bedroom to put down my purse and coat. Mom came in there with her weapon of course, the wooden cooking spoon. She asked why we were late. The fact that we were lost, didn’t matter none.

She smacked me with that spoon across the face so hard that I was knocked off of my feet. I just missed hitting my pregnant belly on the bedside table by inches.

At that moment I decided that the abuse from her upon me was going to stop and she was never going to treat my child as such, EVER! That moment empowered me,  to personally never be abused again, but also gave me the nerve to tell her that she would never strike a child of mine. Due to the strained relationship between she and I she has been out of my life more than in it for most of my adult life, but that was her choice, not mine. And to this day, she has never struck one of my children, neither have I. I know what I felt like when she would hit me, I would never want to put that feeling onto another person, much less a child I birthed.