Math videos and so much more

I recently found on a social media website that I am a member of, since Lauren is behind her age in schooling, and math is her very worse subject, I decided to pop in and take a look. offers video support around videos that are teaching tools. The grade base of the website is kindergarten through the 12th grade.

The grades are broken up on the website to help finding the videos much easier for the students and the parents/teachers. also offers curriculum puzzle books. Included in the link are pdf files with the needed work as well as the answer key. The website also offers a link to purchase the puzzle books. On the website, there’s one curriculum puzzle book per grade.

There’s also another link on the website that offers information on people inspiring math and the likes. Some of the people include inventors math strategic games and mathematic geniuses.

There is also a link at the with helpful tips for teachers/parents and the student.  The website is totally free unless you choose to purchase the curriculum puzzle books.


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