Lauren Psychology Appointment Last Thursday

Hello World! I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. For all my new blog readers, my youngest daughter, Lauren, 16, suffers from PTSD, OCD, anxiety, depression, and separation anxiety. A quick run down, Lauren was held at knife point in January 2011 by a classmate. Lauren was still attending school receiving therapy, as the boy was gone from the junior high campus for good, everyone told her so. Lauren was good in life, still walked with that backbone of steel, standing up to the bullies of life and defending the weak, even though she was one of the smallest students on campus.

January 2012, the boy who held her at knife point was again back on campus, just for a quick minute as his bus from the alternative school had broken down and he was there for a quick bus transfer. From that moment on Lauren has never been the same.

In August 2012, she started have arm shaking and loss of bladder control, that happened 4 times total, it was blamed on the PTSD causing pseudo seizures. Where ever those came from, they left to. In January 2013, Kate started having massive seizures, she was rushed to ER by ambulance twice for being non-responsive.

She has been out of school and been receiving homebound schooling since 1/18/2013. Lauren has had no more seizures. She had two EEG, one was a sleep study. The neurologist said these were called psychogenic seizures. From what I understand, Lauren’s subconscious fears her attacker being on the same campus as her, even though he doesn’t approach her and she only sees him for about 20 minutes a day during lunch.

Last Thursday was her first visit with the psychologist. According to the psychologist, Dr Franz, the only way to deal with PTSD and the symptoms is to confront the fear. Dr Franz, said no meds will ever help Lauren recover from the PTSD symptoms, that she must be returned to school. So, Dr Franz was going to call the high school and see if I can bring Lauren to school for lunch once a week and see what kind of a reaction that gets us.

I know Dr Franz has Lauren’s best interest at heart, and the goal of everyone is that she be able to function in society, whether her attacker is in the area or not. I am on that boat as well, but Lauren has regressed so much in her learning and mental health that I am unsure how much more she can take. I am on the fence about this decision, but I am not the dr. I am at the point where I will try anything to bring Lauren out of this slump and back into the land of the humans functioning daily without anxiety attacks happening one after the next.



One thought on “Lauren Psychology Appointment Last Thursday

  1. Marty

    This therapist may be correct about confronting the fear, but exposure therapy at this. Point will only trigger her more. She must build some resilience in her nervous system, practice daily and develop some tools to use during tough times.

    You know the onset of when the trauma became PTSD. Mindfulness may be one of the safest and quickest was to heal. You can heal while learning to focus on the breath and slow the mind along with the breath. This activates our parasympathetic nervous system. Depleting cortisol and calming our nervous system.

    You are the quarter back of this healing now. It can get complex and confusing. Good luck.

    I can help and she can practice at home in safety, some everyday and in a month improvement will be seen.


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