A Blogging Related Question….Anyone?

I am new to blogging. I guess you can tell that from my blog post. I have managed everything up to now on my own and through watching you-tube videos for the most part. Without you-tube I would still be at square one in this whole process. I did get help from a couple of people since I have started blogging and for that I am forever thankful.

My question is concerning blogs located outside of wordpress. I have a few friends that are with wordpress. The wordpress blog has a short introduction and an outside link to another blog site. For me to go read the blogs of those friends, do I have to also have a blog at that site as well?

Yeah, I live a sheltered life……….

Thanks in advance,


2 thoughts on “A Blogging Related Question….Anyone?

  1. amburlicious

    I am also super new. This is what I know. There are sites you can use to collect other peoples’ blogs and read them at your convenience. I had just started using Google Reader. I have not checked, but I heard a rumor that it no longer exists. A friend of mine has referenced Reeder. I have yet to explore that option.

    I hope that helps some!

  2. M

    In general.., no. If they are public, anyone can use a reader or just go to their blog page just like any other website. But some blogs have privacy settings and you need permission to read them, so you’d need an account on that site. Livejournal is like that – instead of being public, you can set it to ‘friends only’ and must be a friend to see it.


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