Update on the Wolves Flooding Our Apartment

Well, it’s going to be a week in just a few hours of when my apartment was raining in. The maintenance crew was upstairs most of the day Monday hammering on the floors. I can only assume that the water from the overflowing tub must had buckled up the wood tile floors upstairs.

The owner of the building told upstairs they must come downstairs to come talk to me and settle up the bill. Not only has that not happened, the wife runs from me. So, this week I am going to the city court and file small claims suit against the husband and wife. I mean, I am out of a lot of money and I am on fixed income attempting to raise a child safely.

The bathroom ceiling has fallen in twice this week on Lauren while she’s trying to bath. Management has not come yet, has not sent maintenance yet, but upstairs’ wood floors are fixed…Love how that works out huh?

I am going to have to go to the office on Monday and let them know my place needs to be fixed ASAP. I understand that ceiling tiles no longer contain asbestos, but the fact the tiles are falling in on my daughter is not a good sign either. A close friend said to tell the owner that “we need a hotel room til this place is livable”. Since it is the responsibility of the owner/management to ensure our health and safety.

About tired of cleaning up on mess after the other. Just hoping something changes soon for us, I am becoming very annoyed.

1 thought on “Update on the Wolves Flooding Our Apartment

  1. M

    I would say hire your own repair person and deduct it from the rent…. turn in the receipts instead of rent money!! “In lieu of rent for the month of XX, I had the enclosed list of damages repaired.” That wouldn’t go over well, but if maintenance doesn’t come….


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