WordPress Question…Anyone?

Hello World! I am usually the one with all sorts of unnecessary information and ramblings, but today I have a question. I am using WordPress as my blog site, I want to do a photo essay, several photos with a monlogue under the photos. I can figure out how to add one photo per post, but I can’t figure out how to add more than one photo per post. Can anyone help me out here? Please!


3 thoughts on “WordPress Question…Anyone?

  1. 28mmf2

    Hi cajunladyramblings – the way I use is to add small 600 pixel wide (approx) shots to the WordPress media library. In the post editing window. press ‘Add Media’, then a window comes up, and press ‘Upload Files’, then drag the image from your computer – Windows Explorer in my case – into this window with a left mouse press. Once they’re in the media library you can add them to your post at the point where the cursor is in your post edit.
    Hope this is useful.


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