Windows 8

Hello World! Yes it’s awful early, but I need to do a whine session here! Hoping everyone will just bare with me. I don’t whine to this extent often, remember patience here!

When we found out that we would have to take Lauren out of school and homeschool her, I decided to buy me a new laptop, so I can give Lauren my old laptop, still in great condition, for her homeschooling lessons that are done online. The new laptop is Samsung. We bought it at Office Depot, the laptop was a left over from the Black Friday sale of 2012.

The fact that the laptop was not top of the line, doesn’t bother me in the least. I am not exactly all that computer savvy and the simpler the laptop, the simpler my life would be. Simple is good, especially in this house. I am a double major college graduate, neither degree was in computer science or anything near computer science. Since I graduated college in 2004, computers have come a very long way, I haven’t. Again, simple is good.

Well this whole simple is good thing goes haywire. The new laptop has Windows 8, I have no clue as to how to do lots of things on the new laptop. I can turn it on. I can see my pretty pink screen (life is prettier in pink), I can find the internet….ok, that’s it. I can’t save any favorites, I can’t find my word program, I can’t even find the calculator inside of the laptop. Luckily for me, my old faithful laptop has never left this house, nor will it.


2 thoughts on “Windows 8

  1. vinoinlove

    I hear you! Windows 8 is awful just like all previous Windows versions have been. The next time you buy a computer think about switching to Mac. It’s way more user friendly, faster and you can more fun 🙂


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