My Life Dilemna (well one of many)

Hello World. It’s Sunday morning, perfect day for sleeping in. Not here, Nope! Here’s the dilemma. Lauren and I live in a two bedroom, 1 bath apartment. When we moved in, we had a family living above us, really a great family. Nice and quiet. Life was good considering that Lauren’s PTSD would act up at night. The family moved out in February 2012. The apartment stayed empty for about 6 weeks.

In moves a new family; a young couple with 2 children, ages 4 and 2. The parents are nice enough, they speak to us, are kind to Lauren, so no complaints. After about 3 weeks, the children begin to run all day and all night. Not walk, run. I spoke to the management who spoke to them twice about keeping the children quiet, at least a t night, due to Lauren’s PTSD symptoms. In Lauren’s head, those little foot steps, are all triggers, especially if she has already gone to sleep.

The office gave them a bedtime of 9 pm. That time was obeyed for about 6 months, until now. Recently, the parents aren’t putting the children to bed on time, not even close to 9 pm. I reported this back to the office, it didn’t change a darn thing. I turn on a medium sized, industrial strength fan and my white noise machine and can still hear the children running. Lauren doesn’t consciously hear the noise, as she takes her night time medicines, between 7 and 730 PM, so she’s out cold, but it’s what she hears while asleep that is the bad part.

Last night the children were still running at 10 pm, 11 pm, 12:15 am. I texted the Mom and asked her to please put what ever child is running to bed. I got no response so I went beat on the ceiling of the other room. Finally the child did go to bed, whether her Mom woke up to deal with her or if me beating on the ceiling scared the child.

Her response by text to me early this morning was “Sorry Reba, Child xx was refusing to go to sleep and I had to make her”. That’s all fine and dandy, but why am I awake half the night with her child, then the other 1/2 the night and all day with my own child. Yes, I sleep in a twin bed next to Lauren, so I can tend to her at night. Also as long as Lauren is awake, I am. I do trust Lauren, but with all these recent seizures and bouts of non responsiveness, I can’t be asleep, with her awake in fear of what might happen to her.

Dilemna: I can move, but this is the most affordable apartments around. I really need to move as I am not a people person. This is my first, and hopefully my last apartment. I can’t ask to be moved to an upstairs unit, I have arthritis in my knee and I can’t walk stairs.

Thanks for letting me rant, please have a great rest of your weekend,


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