How To Change The Scents in Scentsy Pots

I am not sure my method of changing the scents in the scent burning pots is the correct way or not, since this is another one of those great items that doesn’t come with a manual. I had posted on FB a few weeks ago that I was changing the wax in my scents burner. A friend of mine asked, “how do you do that?”

I thought that it was a silly question, but upon thinking about the question, it made sense. The burners didn’t come with an owner’s manual, nor did I see any directions on the burner’s boxes. So I shared with my facebook friends, no one corrected me saying this was wrong, so I am going to assume the method was as good as the next.

Now the wax burning pots are very hot, as is the wax, so please be careful. To remove the old wax out of the scent pots, I put a couple of sheets of paper towels into the wax dish part of the burner and let the paper towels soak up the old wax. Please be careful not to cause the wax to overflow out of the pot as that will be another mess to clean. Be sure to have a trash can close to discard the paper towel as the wax is absorbed by the paper towels, but it’s not dried and will drip.

Now that the old wax is out, drop a new scent into the scent burner and enjoy. I hope this has helped someone out there. I love learning new household tips as well as sharing them, we all learn form experience, just as soon share the knowledge.


2 thoughts on “How To Change The Scents in Scentsy Pots

  1. Kathy

    How To Remove Scentsy Wax From a Scentsy Warmer
    To change out wax for a new scent, simply pour the melted wax back into the original container, wipe out the warmer lid with a paper towel, & place new wax in the lid. You can store the used Scentsy bars for future use or if there is no scent left, discard. For plug-in warmers, turn plug-in on for 2-3 minutes to soften wax, remove wax & wipe top of plug-in clean with a paper towel.

    1. sgros4 Post author

      I burn my hand trying to do that method. I have pots that plug directly into the wall and the corded kind!
      I have tried to use a towel to catch the hot pots, I end up splashing myself w/ the hot wax!
      I tried putting the wax dish into the freezer too, but that method was a complete fail for me too, cuz due to loss of strengthen in my hands, I can’t get the wax out!


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