It’s another Manic Monday!

Hello World! I am a stay at home, homeschooling Mom, but just because I am stay at home Mom, don’t make my Mondays any less manic. I was so hoping to be able to make several posts over the weekend, but that whole idea went by the wayside.

My manic Monday started on Saturday afternoon when my pain in my right knee was out of this world. I suffered for two days, finally went to the ER on Sunday. After a couple of hours of wait, I was given a big dose of Phenegan, Dimerol, and another pain meds. I was also given Loratabs for the pain at home. I appreciate the help, but Phenegan makes me very, very sleep and cranky for at least a couple of days. Needless to say, I slept all afternoon yesterday and all night long, plus I could go back to bed right now and sleep more.

I am a homeschooling Mom again. In fact, today is her first day. So I have been trying to get that all organized and ready to go. The reason she’s homeschooled will be discussed in detail later on. I keep a 2 year old boy 3 days a week and he’s been very sick w/ upper respiratory issues, so he’s nice and cranky. Go ME!

Hoping by the end of today, I can start the 33 day menu list so I can start sharing some of my recipes.

I hope to be back later,



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