Saturday is finally here!

Hello World!  Saturday has arrived; thankfully! For me Saturday is  the best day of the week, no getting up early for school for us. I can sleep in, but then it’s also the day to clean house and do laundry. Fun, Fun HUH?

Sorry the blog has been dead for so long, that was certainly not done intentional. My daughter, Lauren, had started having seizures about 3 1/2 weeks ago, we were trying to fight those and get treatment as well as a diagnosis. We have all of that, it’s not the diagnosis that we were hoping for, but for her it’s the lesser of the evils. I will get into detail about that later, but the seizures are being caused by her PTSD.

I will be back later to post more updates about all the comings and going around this house, as well as some awesome recipes. Also I will post my 33 day meal plan, where we do not eat the same meal twice in one month, unless we choose to!

Be back later, going run to town to get a few groceries,


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