Hello World! This post is earlier than usual, as I am accustom to sleeping until about 9AM, but I have started babysitting again. The child has been with me for the fall semester while his Mom attended college courses, but he hasn’t been here since early December 2012.

While his Mom goes to the big school, he comes to “Maw Maw School”, no relation to me what so ever, just picked up the name of Maw Maw for me, from my youngest grandbaby and the name stuck.

While he’s with me, we do his colors, alphabets, along with other lessons, but he does his lessons without even knowing he’s learning as I incorporate the lessons into his playtime.

Well, a certain little guy is hungry, I will be back later with another post and more updates, so stay tuned. When I get the hang of this blogging, I promise the posts will become more interesting.

Future posts will include, but no limited to, how to coupon, 30 different ways to cook potatoes (eating frugal), and my monthly menu, that will include a shopping lists and recipes.

Hope everyone has a great day, I will be back later,


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